i put on a brave face....and then i squeel like a 2 year old

apparently, these tender green folk don't seem to faze my outdoors men.
apparently, we would like to keep one as a pet.

thankfully, i was able to talk my way out of the pet idea. "oh, buddy, they love being outside...this sweet little guy wouldn't be happy in the house. he needs fresh air. and sunshine. and food. and well, he just needs to stay outside. and i'd love to hold him, but right now i'm holding the camera, and my coffee and i'm balancing this bucket on my head and hopping on one foot...there's just no way i can hold him this time. maybe another time, mmk? he really seems to like you a lot! look what a great friend you are to him! so gentle! wow, you are such a great insect boy, i'll let you enjoy him..." and so on.

i'll hold many other things. i'll peer closely. i'll marvel at their amazingness. but when this little guy jumped off of a tiny hand and approached my direction, my calm "wow, this is so awesome that we caught a praying mantis" voice turned a bit shriller than i was anticipating.
apparently, i'm just as leery as my brother, who's longtime fear has been associated with one of these lanky green fellows.
apparently, the fear was lost in the next generation.

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