it's 2 am. {and i'm so happy}

i'm so in awe of our baby girl. i woke up suddenly about a 1/2 hour ago...realizing that i'd fallen asleep and searching everywhere for emery...and there she was, right beside me, her lovey in her hand, and her sweet face snoozing away. haven't heard a peep out of this girl since 8pm. i'm sure her first day with us was so exhausting, but she fell asleep so easily. i could tell she was used to soothing herself. she scratched at her forehead and ears a little, played with her feet and wined a bit...then she took her lovie (which foster and rowan had picked out) and held it above her face. she moved it back and forth so she could feel the softness. i held her hand and kissed her cheeks. she gazed right into my eyes, as she has done all day long...and fell asleep. oh, this girl is MARVELOUS!!! 
she has good reason to be so tired. after only having her for 3 hours, we carted her to several buildings for paperwork. and we discovered she does NOT like the car :)  - mostly because we were sitting down, i think...well, that and the fact that she has so rarely ever been in a car. we had a rather strange assortment of short interviews followed in a VERY stuffy civil affairs office. they took photos (which included waking her up from a sound sleeping nap in the mai tai carrier...oh my, she wasn't happy about that) and a lot of sitting around. she was such a champ, and housed the worlds largest amount of puffs! yeesh, i'm glad we brought lots of those! she's been a serious fan ever since the first one hit her lips. i decided to give her as much food as she would eat, and this girl ate non stop all day long. she ate all the way through dinner (eggs and noodles and puffs) and it was so surprising to see how well she can chew and even pick up food and feed herself. i'm hoping to find some calorie rich foods tomorrow and i'm going to slowly start adding similac to her chinese formula because this chick needs some calories! i can't describe how small she is. so small and perfect. like i'm holding an angel. i bought #2 diapers and they literally fall off. the smallest little leggings i brought aren't even close to staying on. they drop like a potato sack when she stands up. which, but the way, i was thrilled to see she can hold her weight well on her cutie pie legs. won't be long before she can stand. we haven't tried to see if she can crawl. i think we forgot! :)
she wasn't too sure about clint from the start. we are assuming she has never been held by a guy or had much contact with men?  at first, if he sat next to her she would burst into tears. but, she followed him with her eyes. as if they were glued to him. he made silly faces and played little games. no smiles from her, just glue. his location was her homing beacon. she would lean waaaay over to see where he was going if he left the room.  he was so wonderful and carried our bag and did all the paperwork and took pictures...oh i have an awesome man :) and slowly, but surely, he was playing. waiting. coaxing. by then end of the day, she was exhausted and i was able to give her a bottle (our cleft bottle was so awesome! i could squirt it into her mouth and she drank like a champ!). the boys were up and wanted to skype. as soon as she saw them on the computer, she was wide awake and laughing and smiling. it was such a beautiful moment! they were calling to her and blowing her kisses and in awe of their baby sister. then something changed. as clint sat beside me (as i was holding her) and she reached out and touched his face. he made his usually silly sounds and she burst into laughter. he kept up with sillyness and she kept giggling and laughing hysterically. she continued to reach out and touch his face. she would push him gently, he would pretend to fall back, and she thought that was the best thing she had ever seen. it was such a special moment, especially because the boys and my mom got to witness it. i'm sure when she sees him again today that she will continue to trust him more and more. afterall, he's the best dad, ever. :)
i haven't been able to take a lot of pics of her yet. mostly because she won't let me put her down (which i'm not complaining about! it's awesome!!) but i'm hoping to take more pics today. the light in our room is great, and since i can't edit anything over here, it's always good to have natural light :)  oh and it's also good to have a rain shower. yep, came all the way to china to have the coolest rain shower ever! but seriously, how can you keep water out of your mouth in a rain shower? (remember, you can't ingest even the smallest amount of water here...trust me, i know...been there, done that) 
i'm off to attempt to sleep...and snuggle my little angel :)


  1. love, love, love.... oh ang... i'm so thankful everything is going so well!

  2. She is precious! Congratulations!!!!

  3. Keep the updates coming. I keep checking in every couple hours to see if there is more news. Love to all of you.......and sweet rest too.

  4. such a beautiful post! thank you for sharing all of this with us. praying for good sleep for all of you!

  5. so happy and excited for you, Angie. Dabbin some tears here!

  6. I've been glued to my computer all day! I read this entire post to Evangeline, too, and she listened intently to the whole thing. She was so happy that Rowie and Foster got to talk to you and see their sister (she has skyped many times so she knew what that meant). Tonite, when we said prayers, she prayed very specifically for each of you by name (even Mr. Clint)! You all are so special to us and we are praying God's best over you during this amazing time!

    so sweet to hear how she's falling for her daddy, and has him (almost) doing cartwheels to earn her love! SWEETNESS!
    God Bless your journey.

  8. Congrats! I am so overjoyed for you all! And she is beautiful. Simply beautiful. I hope you are enjoying China and have a safe trip back. Keep us posted on your incredible journey!



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