my favorite phone call...EVER {it included the acronym TA}

we got our TA! 
as I type I can hardly believe it's true! 
it's really happening! 
please, pretty please, someone ask me if we got our travel dates yet....for once, I can't wait to answer!
we leave to bring our gal home on July 23rd!!!!
eeek! I'm smiling from ear to ear! 
I got the call whilst sitting at the repair shop getting my car inspected (since I got pulled over by a very kind officer who gave me a warning and 5 days to inspect my 2 month tardy vehicle).

im sitting here texting and calling and feverishly spreading the news. the people in the surrounding waiting area are getting an earful of teary phone calls :) the boys are playing computer games (best addition to auto repair waiting rooms since lightening McQueen) and stuffing their mouths full of the wild raspberries we picked his morning. 

and i'm so happy. the happiest I've ever been while waiting for car repair. the happiest I will be until I finally hold her!

it just so happens that we got and update this morning, as well.
joy overload! 
a few weeks ago we asked the orphanage to answer some questions about emery...I'm thrilled to see news of her love for her foster mom! just as we prayed, a sweet woman who we may never get to meet or thank...has loved my daughter. and I will be ever grateful!

CHILD: Jing Liu  

BORN: 2010-05-26
LOCATION: Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute, China
1. Do you have a copy of her “finding add” that we can have? Was there a note or memento found with her?
A: This is the announcement:
PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: FU JING LIAO,female, born on May 26,2010, was found abandoned at the front gate of the State Taxation Bureau, has cleft lip and palate.

2. When did she come to live with you? How and where was she found?
A: She was sent to the orphanage the next day she was found(also the second day after she born, and she stay there since.She was picked up at the front gate of the State Taxation Bureau.

3. Who chose her name and why? Does her name have any special meaning?
A: The foster unit of our SWI named her.

4. Has she had medical treatment? If so, what was she treated for and what are the dates of her illness and treatments.
A: No, she hasn’t had medical treatment before.

5. How often does she eat? What food/drink do you feed her? What is her favorite food? Does she drink from a bottle?
A: She eat 4 times a day and 3 hours between each other. She drink formula and we need to feed her with the spoon.

6. What upsets her? How do you soothe her when she is upset?
A: She will upset when she is tired. We usually hold her outside the room to soothe her.

7. Does she sleep alone or with a cribmate? How much/how often does she sleep? What position does she sleep in? Do you hold her when she falls asleep?
A: She sleep with her foster mother on a large size bed.

8. What is her favorite toy? Favorite Activities?
A: She likes all different kinds of toys, and she likes playing with other kids.

9. What makes her happy? Is she afraid of anything? How would you describe her personality?
A: She is happy when she is staying with her foster mother. She is afraid of the strangers. She is sometime a impatient girl.

10. What is her daily routine?
A: She wake up at 6:00am and take a nap at 12:00pm for 2 hours.

11. What else would you like to tell us about her?

A: Height:71CM,Weight:6.5KM, Head Size:43.5CM,Chest Size:43.5CM,Teeth:2/2,Feet Size:11.5CM

and with that, I'm off to bathe in joy...meet a dear friend who touts a backyard sprinkler to cool a smokin hot day...and soak up the feeling of so many prayers being answered! 


  1. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing news!!!!! I love that they answered all your questions, so precious!

  2. I've been checking everyday...even while on vacation...for this post. I am overjoyed for you. Thanks for posting the Q&A update...so fun to read. Now you are counting days, not months. Soon you will be counting hours, then minutes and then she'll be in your arms. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i am sooo happy for you
    i am about to go on a business trip but i had to check in and see how things were for u
    i am so so so glad
    will continue to pray for you and your family!!

  4. Oh this is wonderful news, my friend! love you -

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie, that is AWESOME. I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait to read more and see photos. Promise to post everything -- so I can share in your joy and live vicariously as well! *laughs* YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations!! What wonderful news! I'm so excited to follow along as you finally get to hold Emery in your arms!! I'll be praying for safe travels for all of you!


  7. Congratulations on your TA!! That is wonderful news. We got our referral on 6/30 so we are now in the "wait for your TA" line you just got out of!! For the questions you just had answered, did you go through Adele for that? Just curious. You can post a response on my blog if you have a second. Thanks so much.

  8. I can't believe you're at this moment! I love that you were able to ask questions and get them answered!!! She is a little peanut. A little peanut that you will love SO much!

  9. Angie, I just wanted to hop on your blog and say one big GIANT THANK YOU!!! Thank you for sharing your heart about your adoption journey and real emotions. I have been reading your blog for almost a year now. Our family currently waits for our TA and I just REALLY needed to read these posts tonight. I was just one big ball of emotion. I don't know what to think or feel during this wait.....so your posts have helped! Just want to say your courage and faith in our precious Savior gives this mama hope! Thank you....
    Also....do you blog anymore? I have missed reading updates, and wondered. I've loved reading. Just want you to know you've made quite a difference in this mom-heart & I'm sure in SOOOOO many others.



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