oh jetlag. you're awesome.

hello 2am. i've missed you so much since yesterday :)  i woke up, started to get in the shower, feeling refreshed and anew to start another day...then i saw clint's watch laying on the sink. 2am. whoops. it happened again. at least i have time to blog :)

this potty chair cracks me up...housekeeping brought it in when they brought the crib. the funniest thing is that it's never been cleaned out and still has another kid's pee inside!! i think we need to try and fit one of these in our suitcase on the way home...the boys would think it was awesome!!!

oh, and i have a feeling jing liu is going to be a LOT of fun to have on 3 airplanes :) we've found that she loves to be held whilst standing up. not a fan of sitting, unless she is eating or drinking a bottle. otherwise, standing it is. van rides have caused some serious tears. hmmm....can i stand for an entire 13 hour flight? i'm sure gonna try!!

my thoughts are already at home. i'm glad we have a few more days before the crazy flight and jet lag...but oh, i miss my boys. they were sooo cute on skype last night (tues am america time). i wanted to reach through and smother them with a tackle/kiss attack. the connection was bad, and it's hard to hear their stories and see the toys they are holding up because it's blurry. i love their stories. i miss seeing them running and chasing and being boys. they feel really far away. i don't ever want to come back without them again. they would LOVE the giant machinery. the buildings. the ferris wheel that is literally TALLER than the skyscrapers!!! i'll post it when i get home because my white balance was all sorts of off...it needs to be darkened so it will show up...but, incredible! the tallest in asia!! they would be fascinated by the streets, the buzzing activity, the fancy cars we keep seeing, and the not-so-fancy ones. they would LOVE riding in a van or taxi with no seat belt :) although i would be all kinds of arm belting them!! how crazy is it that there aren't seat belts? most don't even have them installed!! nutso.

and this one. snoozing away. she hasn't met mr. jet lag yet...i'm sure they will be well acquainted soon...so i'm thankful for another week of her peaceful slumber. she's a big snuggler. if she stirs at all, i gently rub her back, and she instantly asleep again. she likes to have her feet or arm resting on someone. it's awesome!
we've never let our kids sleep in bed with us, unless they were sick...so having a little one to snuggle is, well, wonderful. i'm not sure how the transition to a crib will go...i guess we'll figure that out when we get home!

tomorrow is the flee market...and i'm on the hunt for squeeky shoes :) in various sizes - ps mom, the ones you bought her will fit perfectly!! 
i am also on the lookout for gotcha day gifts. one of my friends suggested buying something little to give to jing liu each year on gotcha day. something for her wedding day, graduation gift, etc. something for her future children, and so on. so i am hoping to find a bunch of cute little items. i'm going to get a bunch of little things with the year of the tiger (the year she was born) and get them engraved with her name and dob. i think i'll get a few with her gotcha as well. i'm going to try and not go overboard or over think it. but i love the idea of having something special to celebrate each year.

will have lots of fun pics tomorrow. will be on the street most of the day...that makes for some fun photos :)

thank you so much for all of your sweet sweet comments and so much love coming our way! i want to write back every. single. one. it is such a breath of fresh air to read your comments and emails, etc...we are so so grateful for all of the people who have showered us with so much amazingness! we feel very humbled.


  1. Angie, it's so wonderful to see another post! Keep 'em coming! I know how you feel, being away from the boys is so hard. Just think - only 2 more full days in Nanchang and then you're off to Guangzhou! You'll absolutely love it there, and you'll get to meet some of my amazing friends! There is so much to do, I promise it will make the time pass by quickly (or more quickly anyway). It's a short flight there thank goodness, I'll be praying for Emery's peace & comfort while on the flight. Can't wait to hear about your adventures today! Are you going to People's Park anytime? It was really cool there!

    Oh and PS - I am praying you can get some more sleep - I was right there with you - I woke up at 2:30am EVERY morning but after a quick trip to the potty, I was always able to get myself back to sleep until about 5:30am.

    Love you all!!

  2. I just wanted to say hi and tell you how absolutely beautiful your daughter is. I have jumped to your blog from Nicole's and following your incredible journey.

  3. Oh, thank you thank you THANK YOU for doing so much posting. It's helping me live vicariously through you!! It's so wonderful to see you so happy!!

  4. Thanks for all the posts! I think I've read each one at least 5 times. It is all just so beautiful and it is REAL....you are with Her! Eeekkkkk

  5. I'm also here from Nicole's blog. Congrats on your beautiful new girlie...so glad your union has been filled with joy and wonder! Mine...not so much...but we'll get there. ;o)

  6. Okay, the potty seat (though cute)...so gross! What is it with their lack of pee-fear? We say "ooo!" and they...well...just don't. Are we the crazy ones? :)

    Oh, and by the way, I felt the same way about using Lydia's names in China. We used her Chinese nickname (yue yue) all the time there. We still use it occasionally now too - but it was the only name we used in China.

  7. ADORABLE!!!! She really is too cute!!
    And, that potty....what a concept: a potty shaped like a playground toy!!! LOVE IT!! LOL
    well....except the old pee inside! LOL

  8. i am so glad to see you posting!
    u must let me kmow if u have a po box or something i can send something to ! would love to send a little something for your girl and your two boys
    XOXO yumeko

  9. She's just beautiful and I love reading all about your trip! I can't wait for your gotcha day!!!



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