summer classic

yeesh, i love summer. we are constantly schlepping around in our comfy clothes, barefeet, and running in and out and in and out (and in and out) of the deck door. we eat messy things and stay up late for no good reason, other than catching fireflies and a good excuse to wear glow neclaces. summer seems to beckon breaking the rules of bedtime. some nights exhaustion leads us to lights out at 6:45. swimming and laughing and freeze pops will wipe a kid out. and other nights lapse into the 10oclock hour when the kids collapse in a heap of glorious fatigue.

i chased the boys around the wooden castle playground today, after we did our weekly marathon of errands routine. 3 stops in 1/2 hour deserves some dually noted playground time (and 3 sour gummy worms a piece + 2 for mommy). and i adore them. their spunk. their delight in me. they think i'm fun all the time. they don't care that i haven't showered today. that i'm in some random tanktop that makes my middle parts bump out. that my hair cropped hair hasn't been trimmed in 6 months. they don't care that i'm goofy. they giggle when i pretend anything. they love the songs we make up, even though my voice couldn't possibly be more out of tune. kids are so wonderful. their love is wonderful. i feel fully myself when i am with them. i love our car talks. we've been having really deep spiritual talks in the past few weeks. i've been pouring into them a lot of what i've been wanting them to know. maybe i'm morbid, but i can't help but think what would happen if today were my last day. or if our plane goes down. or if i get cancer.
i want them to remember our talks. the childhood stories i tell over and over. every once in a while, a new one pops into my brain. i dig back to remember every detail. rowan calls it my "brain box" and he tells me to open it and see what i find. tonight, i want to try and think of a new one, and watch their eyes light up as they picture me and my brother, running amuck in our homemade moccasins. gallivanting through life.


summer. it's the best. and soon, our sister will join in the last of the summer delights. i have to keep reminding myself that it's so soon. oh dear Lord THANK YOU! i am overwhelmed with joy. with peace. with knowing our family is almost united. with knowing she will have a few summer weeks to see her first lightening bugs. feel warm grass on her tiny toes. splash in the kiddie pool. lay on a blanket and watch the ants tiptoe. to be snuggled and hugged and kissed by her family.
oh, this summer. it's one to remember.


  1. Angie, you inspire me. In "sew" many ways (I couldn't resist!). From the coffee mate addiction, to the dreaming of of our boys' little sister, to our oh-so-lovable short haircuts, I just know that we'd be friends if fate allowed us to meet. I'm simply honored to have connected with you!!

  2. I love the idea of ear protection for the kids. I never would have thought of that. Maybe next year (we didn't go this year), I can remember this beautiful idea and we can all enjoy some fireworks.



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