in the shower this morning (where all ideas are born), my newly showered self realized something i should have realized a week ago. my perfectly packed giant suitcase, large enough to fit ample amounts of just about anything, might have a slight arrival issue. our flights are booked Newark to San Fransisco to Shanghai. then a separate agent made our Shanghi to Nanchang flights. the herbal essences must have triggered a lost baggage flashback because i instantly went into a hypothetical tailspin involving missing luggage, and the fact that our bags will be headed to shanghai and those sad little bags would have no knowledge of our whereabouts in Nanchang. i decided i would unpack mr. giant and repack itsy bitsy. the dreaded words: "carry on" have hanted me all day.
what was once well organized, has now become an add for ziplock and is in dire need of professional help.

perfectly planned has met reality.
let's hope i can find a way to zip it closed by friday :)

in other less imperfect news, i finished the boys gift boxes. filled with precious items i have found over the past 6 months...one for each day we are gone. thank you target $1 isle and clearance shelves. oh, and barrels of slime from the dollar store :)

i found their new favorite movie in the $5 section. shaun the sheep is hands down our new favorite show. thanks to netflix, we lounge around and giggle together.

 and then there's these. me leaving for china is the perfect time to hop them up on sugar and let someone else run their energy out :)

i have a todo list that continues to gain momentum. here's to a productive weekend and the joy of knowing i'm a week away. a week and 2 days away.

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