we're in nanchang!!

after 35 hours of travel, we arrived at the beautiful Galactic Peace Hotel at 1am this morning (monday china time, sunday night on east coast). i've had perma smile for 2 days. i keep saying over and over to clint, "i can't believe this is happening!!"
it feels so good to be back in china! the buildings, the constant horn honking, the musty dust smell, the characters. the lights. oh, how i love it. we are 4 hours away from meeting emery! oh, my, i can't believe it!!
we are headed to breakfast and then to find some diapers and formula and snacks. at 11 am they will bring emery to our hotel, and we will have a few hours before heading out to fill out some paperwork.
eek!!!! i'm SOOO HAPPY! how is this really happening??? i'm soaking in every moment!!
p.s. after packing EVERYTHING meticulously, and somehow making it here with only carry on bags (ehem, VERY overstuffed carry on bags) i took some pics this morning and then realized i forgot my USB cord. yeesh. how could i forget that??? hoping i can find one of those asap :)
next post...will be with our baby girl!!!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh PRAISE GOD! So, so, so, SO glad you made it there safely! I have been praying nonstop and I keep refreshing your blog waiting for an update. Now I know what some of our friends must have been doing here in the US when WE were there - because I keep waiting for any small glimpse from you! We are praying like crazy! Please, please, please figure out a way to post some pictures!! Maybe there is another family there you can borrow one from? An iphone you can post from?? Anything?!?!?!?! Can you tell I'm a little bit crazed with excitement for you?!

    WE LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY CAKES and can't wait to see you with your baby girl! God Bless you, Clint and Emery as you begin this most amazing transition! We pray that you fill God's love surrounding you!

  2. Thanks for the update Angie! Praying for an amazing first day with your baby girl!!!

    ps= I saw Rowan in toddlers tonight... he was happily singing a song sitting in someones lap :)

  3. So happy you got there safely! Keep posting when you can! As nicole said, I hope you feel Gods loving arms as you hold emery. :-)

  4. I'm so thrilled to see this post!! ALMOST as excited as I'll be to see the next one!!

  5. Can't wait to see the next post -- and you better find a cord! We're all dying to see pics!

  6. i squealed out loud when i saw this post appear on my rss feed!
    i am so so so so so happy for you
    cannot wait to see your next post!!!

  7. I'm so overjoyed for you right now! May the Lord bless your time there and bring you home safely. Enjoy every minute!!! Can't wait to see pictures.



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