wild boys

it's blazing hot around here. like really hot. "i don't want to step foot outside" hot. but the boys don't care. it's as if their inner thermometer reads 75 and sunny at all times. 10 degrees or 97...they are ready for something wild. messy. and usually requiring a shower when we come home. they haven't met an adventure they didn't love, and we found a new one that is our favorite.

blazing hot met giant lake + shady tree + blanket. happy boys. happy mama.

3 hours later, we packed it up. they were finally exhausted. not only does their inner thermometer read 75, but their energy level reads 120%, 90% of the time...which i love. i love their gusto, enthusiasm, ability to play and play and play. but i really love the rare moment that their energy can be expended while mine is being rejuvenated. rare, but wonderful. yesterday was that anomaly.

i haven't really done anything since we got our TA. i think i'm floating in a lake of joy :) i've made some paperwork photocopies (the stack we have to take to china is unbelievably huge) and i've made a casual to-do list. maybe T-minus 1 week will kick me into action. i've never been so carefree. the lake of joy is oh-so-wonderful...the sea of china joy will be even better. no matter how hard, i'm so ready to start. to see and smell and feel china again. to experience it with her...and with my man. oh glorious!

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