1 month anniversary

one month ago, this was our girl. sweet. lovely. timid. quiet.

today, she learned how to sit up on her own and earlier this week, she learned how to roll over...she's even mastered the tri-pod stance without falling over (most of the time).
with each passing day she is showing us more and more of who she is.
it's like unfolding a fantastic rose, only to find more and more amazing buds on the horizon.
oh and have i mentioned her giggle is the best sound i've ever heard?

what a difference a month makes!!


  1. Amazing, isn't it? Congrats on one month. :o)

  2. Congratulations! she is doing so amazingly well !

  3. You need to make her giggle into your ringtone. :)

  4. So sweet! When my brother's family brought their son home from China, I LOVED watching their family discover his personality. I have pictures of some of their first times to tickle and tease him! It was the sweetest thing to see them discover his personality!

  5. looking at her sitting up like a rock-star?!?! she's doing awesome!!

  6. She is just beautiful and such a wonderful transition. I found your blog just as Emery was coming home and in that short time she has developed so much. Lovely. x



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