what a delightful word. home. i just flopped myself in bed,
after taking the worlds longest shower, whilst slurping up as much shower water as humanly possible. I followed by brushing my teeth with faucet water. oh the little things. they are always the most striking.

I can hear the sweetest little breath sounds from the crib beside our bed. every once in a while a snore escapes. can it really be true? all 3 of my kids are sleeping under one roof?? glorious!!

earlier today (or was that yesterday??) I thought home would never come. the 17 hour flight from china (2 hours of which we spent sitting on the tarmac waiting out a storm in shanghai) was pretty awful. jing liu did so well, but there are only so many things one can dream up to entertain an exhausted and antsy 14mo old. we had moments of tears, but overall, it's the sheer volume of hours on end with nothing new or exciting. we've spent a week and 1/2 doing tons of new and exciting....then all of he sudden we sit still for 17 hours. heck, i had a harder time than she did. it seemed that no matter how long we had been airborne, how many times I paced the airplane with a semi snoozing baby, no matter how many meals we sloshed on the surrounding passengers, 8 hours always remained. (sorry 16j - that chopstick full of noodles as actually meant for my consumption, not your lap. I swear it was the baby. see? how cute? oh and can you pass me that ring toy that rolled under your chair... again :)

thank the Lord for kind stewardesses who brought us tons of extra meals to keep baby girl fed. even ice cream from first class... which, by the way, had fully reclining bed/chairs and food served on real china. I'm sure in first class, you feel like you just awoke from a spa day upon arrival. i was reaaaly hoping we would somehow, someway get bumped up. no such luck. we were able to get bulkhead seats, though, which was a lifesaver. even had enough room for us to make a little bed on the floor for jing liu to sleep for an hour or two.

after a looooong wait in immigration when we landed, we trudged out of baggage claim, greasy and exhausted...only to be greeted by the most amazing and wonderful surprise!!! truly one of my favorite moments of life and such an incredible gift...my family, the boys, and my dear and amazing friend nicole (who happens to be an incredible photog) were there to welcome jing liu home!! we were speechless...and shared tears of joy at last.
such a moving and wonderful moment...all captured with love. I'll post the amazingness soon, but now I must sleep. my heart is so full!!

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