homecoming pics!

i just realized nicole posted the pics from last night, and i literally screeched with excitement! i can't ever thank nicole enough for capturing such an amazing moment! i'll forever remember last night, not just because of it's incredible wonderfulness, but knowing that my sweet friend (and her dad!) drove so far to give us such a priceless gift!!! wow, i'm crying my eyes out seeing it again!

she posted here and here...oh incredible!!

baby girl slept until 8am!!! we've had such a relaxing day! jing liu is taking it all in stride and the boys are SOOO excited. they want her to do everything with them. they just keep saying "mom, i'm sooo glad you are home from china!" and then they slide tackle something and do a drive by kiss on jing liu's cheek.

i'm not sure what the night will bring...clint and i are feeling a bit exhausted, but i'm hoping the gal will continue her awesome night routine that includes lots of sleep :)

(check out nicoles flickr set!)


  1. Praying for another restful night!!!!! Ryan still, STILL says: "Mama, I like you home." LOL. Melts my heart every time I hear it :-) And he also still talks about the night that we came home at the airport and asks me why I was crying so much. Oh I just love him.

    Can't wait to see the pics from your dad's camera too - I bet he captured some real winners!! Love you Ang!

  2. Angie, I barely know you but looking at those homecoming pictures seriously made me start crying! How precious a moment to have been captured on camera.. So happy for you and your family of 5! :)

  3. Even more happy for you now that your family is all together!

  4. ummmmm
    WOW! THose are some awesome photos!
    Love your facial expression - priceless!
    ANd the way your daughter is received by her brothers, NICe!

    Rest now,
    take care!

  5. those are amazing photos, thank you for sharing!!!

  6. the homecoming photos are amazing! simply amazing. I was in tears the entire time. there is no greater joy that the gift of family from our Lord. beautiful. powerful.

    congrats to you!! cannot wait to hear all about your new adventures as a family of 5.

  7. EEK!! I wish I could have been there!!!! It all looked wonderful!!!



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