surgery dates and attempted packing

i sure hope there are other people who procrastinate to organize and file the never-ending supply of papers and bills and documents and recipes and receipts and random papers that i'm pretty sure i could throw out, but then again, i might just need that one day. i've spent 2 evenings sorting through my unkept file bin and finally i've come up with a solution. i'll purchase one of those fancy document scanner things so i never have to file anything again! although, i'm sure i'd just end up with a giant pile of things to "scan" instead of a giant pile of things to "file".
so long fleeting dreams of the easy way out. hello manila folders and never enough time.

i've mixed packing into our routine, although i wouldn't so much call it packing as i would attempted and momentary box filling. it seems that as soon as i pack a box, 4 little hands peel it open again.

 but packed up toys have advantages...namely creativity. we've invented so many games and ideas and crafts this past week...oh how i beam when they use their creativity.
today we worked hard at race tracks...which included smiley faces and "painted" tracks so awesome power slide skid marks could be visible.

is that an almost crawling girl i see??

uh oh, woman down

she's so cheerful and lovely!

we got her palate surgery dates today...sept 26th!! wow oh wow, i had no idea it would be so soon! i'll be honest...i cried on the phone with the surgeon's admin today. i kept it to a low sob so as not to alarm and then be forced to explain myself to the nice lady who worked a near miracle in finding our date.
when i told foster she got her surgery dates, he didn't say anything at first. a few minuets later he asked, "mom, does she have to have surgery? if they change her lip, she won't look like emery anymore. i love the way she looks."

oh precious big brother. i do too, my love. i do too.

i just can't get over her. she's so striking.
and cute.
and squidgy.
and squrmy.
and busy.
and wonderful.

and hopefully in a few months, palate surgery behind her, she'll be learning all sorts of new words. like "i love you gu gu" (big brother) much to the delight of two little boys i know.

oh and see that thing poping out around her middle parts? that's a belly folks. or at least, almost :)


  1. Y'all are absolutely right -- she is truly striking. And growing and thriving! And every time I read your posts, I just get more and more excited about watching my boys be big brothers to our little girl. I'm just giddy at the thought!!!

  2. Yep, that looks like almost-crawling to me! J just started crawling two days ago. Absolutely amazed by how far he's come. JingLiu looks healthier and oh-so-pretty. I'll be praying for her and you as you approach surgery.

  3. My goodness you guys are busy! Packing and surgery and a trip to NC ;)

  4. She has simply come so far and so well! very happy for you and your family! and your boys are wonderful too

    hope you can catch a small breather before its go go go again



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