it's official

i'm exhausted. and i wake up at 3am starving. must be some sort of mean jet lag jetti trick. hungry at 3am doesn't bode well for the waistline. exhaustion + hunger = no will power. last night i ate a bowl of cheese it's, an ice cream sandwich and a slice of mozzarella cheese. at 2:30 am.  and i thought KFC gave me a stomach ache! how is it possible that jing liu can sleep and we can't? somehow she has adapted seamlessly! tonight, i'm vowing to ignore my stomach rumbling, down a few tylenol PM's and hope for a night of rest. life is getting hazy. must sleep soon.

today has been a more difficult day. i'm not sure what it is, but all of the sudden 3 kids seem to be all needing something different all at the same time, all day long. one of which can't sit by herself without doing an Eiffel Tower lean-then-topple maneuver. it's rather cute, and she gets a kick out of it. but it won't be so cute if i need to put her down while put something in the oven or chop chicken. oh, and we gave away all of our baby stuff last year, thinking jing liu would be a lot older when she came home. i found our bumbo seat in the barn, but that doesn't really promote much activity. she looks like a tiny, smooshed blob when she sits in it! thankfully, a friend offered a bouncer seat for us to borrow until she can sit without falling. otherwise, i'm bound to pee with a kid on my lap, and at least 1 other kid barging in asking me to get them some juice or preform toy emergency surgery or get silly putty out of the carpet.

i'm hopeful that we can find our stride this week, since clint will be going back to work tomorrow. i'm so thankful to have him home for 4 days, but i have a feeling it may take me a bit to figure out our new normal. i need to get my act in gear and plan out some activities. i'm usually able to whip up a last minuet project with ease, but with my hazy brain, i'm starting to wonder if i'm losing brain cells. feel free to pass on suggestions of busy boy activities! i forget all of the crafty sites i used to peruse.

i found this while i was unpacking some of the chinese clothes we bought jing liu...check out the tag!!

and then there's this...asia's most incredibly tall ferris wheel. i'd no doubt have a panic attack and pass out at the top! oh, how i hate ferris wheels!  

wait just a hot second. i hear silence! all of the kids who were once stirring are eerily quiet. i'm going to snag one last ice cream sandwich, a book, and pretend to read while i fall asleep :)


  1. I love your new header, with all of the pictures of your WHOLE family! :)

  2. i have no suggestions (argh), but i too am finding a new normal with four young kids...not easy. i pray you have wisdom and endurance...and grace, grace, grace! do you have a jumperoo or exersaucer type thingy? our son can sit up now, but can't walk or cruise or crawl. the jumping has strengthened his legs immensely and gives me one more option for a safe place to put him while i pee (for instance).

  3. Oh Ang, boy do I feel you! I am thankful that Jing Liu is sleeping ok - that helps immensely! Take lots of walks! Get outside! And call me when you can! Love you and have been thinking about you like crazy!

  4. Yea for a fun and fancy new header! And, how come I didn't find that cute dress in China? That is adorable!

    For now, eat your snacks (your waistline is just fine, lady) and take that tylenol PM. It took me a good week to feel somewhat normal and a bit more time after that to get used to the new little person I was mommy to. At least she's sleeping at night though! :)

    Love every word of your blog. Missed you at the little reunion deal this weekend. Maybe next year? :)

  5. Ang, I. am. so. happy. for. you!!!!! I've been catching up on the whole story for the past hour - I haven't been on the internet much for a couple weeks. I am so glad you were able to write it all down. I so know what you mean - it's weird how being sleep-deprived makes you just want to eat. :) Be as sweet to yourself as you possibly can. It'll get easier little by little. Ah, those times of such sweet chaos when you are barely holding it together - sometimes they end up being the best times ever :) I love you. I am bursting with happiness for you. I love reading all about it. And you capture it all so well - that is another gift you give your kids - these words you record their lives with.

  6. And I will pray you get a restorative night's sleep tonight and tomorrow is easier! Didn't mean to sound callous just now! I was high from reading everything you wrote the past two weeks!

  7. It takes me a LOOOOOONg time to recover from travel
    and with all the demands of the kiddos - it's hard!
    Each day will bring a bit more peace and ... dare I say, normalcy, Nicole has good advice - fresh air, walks, parks, get them tired out! Exercise is good for all the kids....

    So remember, no expectations - if friends can drop off some supper that would be great, you won't have to worry about it. (2 weeks worth is good)
    Hydrate up!
    Right now you need to get back on your sleep schedule!

    Honestly, each day gets easier -
    Praying for restful sleep.

    LOVE that tag on your baby-girls dress!

  8. i think u are doing amazing considering the travelling u just done
    i cant function properly much less with 3 children

    hope you can get good sleep and rest.

    and tat tag on the dress is just amazing. what a sign!

  9. Loving all these posts! SO SO SO happy for you and your new baby girl!!! Praying for lots of rest and your week to go smoothly, it reminds me of how I felt when I brought Penn home, I was terrified wondering how it would all work without Paul. God blessed me with patience and the smarts to juggle them all! He will do the same for you!



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