shanghai and the layover

we are hiding out in shanghai at the moment. we have a 6 hour layover, which has included a whole lot of nothing. well, nothing and a quick stop at kfc because we were so hungry, followed by immediate regret due to the impending belly ache. i'm not sure why we come all the way to china and then eat the worst american food possible. somehow french fries call my name (ok, they always call my name) but it's harder to resist when someone is standing beside you eating shredded squid. no, not kidding. the lady in line beside us as we were checking in was chowing on a bag of squid. it made me dream of french fries, frapacchino and something along the lines of a turkey/stuffing/cranberry bobbie.
the little lady is cute as ever. she's been gazing a lot...gazing up at me from the carrier, and i get goosebumps. she's so darling and wonderful.
have i mentioned that this girl eats like a champ??? i had no experience with cleft lip/palate before we met her, and i had no idea how babies can eat when they have a big hold on the inside of their mouth. man oh man, this gal chows down anything we put in front of her. we literally feed her all day long. she couldn't feed herself the first day we got her, but she quickly learned how to pick up food and shovel it in. she's always famished. it makes me sad to see her so hungry...and then i realize what a fighter she is. she's probably been hungry for a long time, but she never gave up. it's awesome to see her with a full belly all day long.
our first flight this morning was mostly peaceful, followed by an hour of intense screaming. for some reason, her fretful shrills don't phase me. it's as if God has instilled some sort of new found patience within my soul. i'm sure i will test it out again after 10 hours of flight and maybe my patience won't be so surefire....but so far on this trip, i've been filled with compassion. i've been reading The Connected Child...i would HIGHLY recommend it. i read it on the plane ride to china, and it gave me such insight into how a traumatic start to life can effect the way kids cope and communicate. when this baby girl starts screaming and terrorising the surrounding passengers, all i can think is how hard it must be to have no way to communicate. no way to tell these two people who are holding you how you feel. what you want or need. that your ears hurt from cabin pressure. that you really want a drink, but they keep stuffing banana bread in your mouth. oh my sweet little girl. you can keep crying if you want to. one of these times i'll know what you mean. until then, let's keep figuring each other out. working our way to an even place of understanding. i'll wait with you while we figure it out. after all, you're my little girl. i don't scare easy. and the nearby passengers can put in earplugs :)



  1. So glad to hear y'all are doing well, and that's she's eating so well!! I'm reading The Connected Child now, too. It making me such a better mom to my 5 year old right now -- the bio one! I'm sure I'll be reading it again. ;-) Always looking forward to more pictures of your gorgeous girl!

  2. I love watching my kids be nourished! It's such a small thing to us, that is actually huge in the grand scheme of things - we just don't realize it anymore because it's so accessible to us. You're a beautiful family and I have no doubts you will make it through your 10 hour flight, come what may. God is steadfast and with you. He will not abandon you when you are in need. I will be praying for a smooth transition back to the states. Take care and God Bless!

  3. I love feeding people in general, but especially my little guy. So happy she's eating well; that has to be a very good sign that she's adjusting well to you guys. Have a safe flight! You're such a perfect mommy not to get stressed or care what others think when she's upset. Praying for a good flight with zero screaming. :)

  4. Amen to the passenger earplugs, and amen to reading The Connected Child. Awesome.

    Meanwhile, I'm just so happy that you are doing so well with her and bonding so quickly. She's just precious and I'm just so happy for you guys!!

    Happy to hear about your journey and the peace God has given you!
    Praise HIM!

  6. ok... so I finally caught up. Just spent the last hour or so reading and catching up on everything and I have to say the post where I saw Clint holding her... just was the one that just made me burst into tears. Awe, your family full and whole! God is so good and so amazing!!!

    I know you have declined me retaking your photo's again because you think they were good enough (even though I do not) but I would like you to reconsider. I mean... you have to get an amazing family portrait with your new daughter!!!!!!! Think about it! Text me when you are back... we need to talk, friend! :)

  7. So I hear you are home...dying to see the pictures!!!!



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