so apparently there is a storm approaching.
i tend to never believe the weather channel.
but i did, in fact, drag 3 kids to the grocery store last night with all of creation to get milk and coffee creamer.
that was after the longest day in history.
after jing liu fought her nap for 3 long hours before collapsing from exhaustion.
after my dear friend came for a play date and then left during my neurotic franticness about jing liu not napping...because i could hardly function, let alone hold a conversation.
after the 3 hour early intervention coordinator interview (in which a small amount of mayhem ensued - que TV coma)
after the truck broke down (with trailer attached) on the way to pickup a freezer (free!! thank you dear new friend) and a craigslist washer and dryer.
after picking up my parents car to pick up the trailer to pick up the appliances.

it was now 7pm.
no one had eaten dinner.
jing liu, poor baby girl, screamed in the car for the last 45 min
the boys excruciating pleads from the backseat beckoned for food and an end to the screaming
i made a b-line for chick-fil-a
and after we scarfed large amounts of waffle fries, the boys played
and smiles ensued
and we did our usual secret ice cream maneuver

it was after all of that i attempted wegmans.
and guess what?? chick-fil-a ice cream in combination with a car-cart seems to be the best solution ever invented.

although i will always say i hate car carts more than anything else...i have broken my own rule and embraced the world's worst store contraption.

the grocery store was actually the best part of our day
and that's the first (and probably last) time i'll ever say that :)


  1. oh, i am SO feeling your craziness! yes, we are big advocates of the car cart, and even better, the giant race car cart (found only at home depot)...not that i go there alone with four kids, but still. my older daughter accidentally woke up the littles way too early from their naps yesterday, and i was NOT a happy mama.

  2. Oh gracious, those kind of days are challenging! So where do ya'll live? Are you close to coast? You'll be in my prayers!! Thanks for stopping by the blogs today! :) I've got two new pictures of Wen to post tomorrow! He's growing so fast! :) We're finished with getting all of our dossier stuff, homestudy and are now just waiting on some KS paperwork (FBI clearances) to get here. :) Stay safe!!! :)

  3. Ok I literally laughed out loud about the car cart. The super-duper funny thing is that Ryan BEGGED for the car cart yesterday and for some reason I gave in. I truly believe that is the WORST thing ever invented for the grocery story. Not even half the wheels worked, the darned thing doesn't turn at all and my arms are practically soar today from pushing around that thing. I was sweating and out of breath by the time I was checking out yesterday! Never again car cart, never again.

    PS - any better today? Love you :-)

  4. well, I'm cracking up as usual. There are so many things about this post that are funny, and some that make me wanna cry with you, but i think my favorite is that the news is saying we might not have power for a week and you went to the store for the essentials: coffee and creamer. that's one more reason i love you!

  5. Just whem i thought i was the only one with these kind of days. These are our usual days which is why I hardly post anymore lol. Thanks for keeping it real :)

  6. sounds like one of those days, hang in there
    and i am hopeful you will look back on this blog post and laugh :D

  7. Well I'm feeling run down just after reading your post! Isn't it strange during ridiculously crazy days how some environments the kids are actually 'good' where you never expect them to be. Pouring a glass of wine in cheers to you having a relatively relaxing night.



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