i've been remembering to breath. it helps.
last night i went to bed early. waaay early. in fact, my bedtime started mid-sentence while i was telling the boys a bedtime story. they love the one about shamu, when he kissed my mom at sea world back in 1983. well apparently, one minute i was talking shamu, and 3 words later i said something about fire pokers and marshmallows. "mom, why are you talking about fire pokers? i thought you were telling us about shamu??" foster questioned. i suddenly woke up and we had a good laugh about crazy mama who falls asleep telling stories. i shuffled into bed at the ripe hour of 7:15pm. i awoke at 3am fully dressed in what i wore the day before. at least early to bed + jet lag gives me lots of time to take a shower, organize a few things, and catch up on emails that have waisted away for nearly 3 weeks.

i was determined to have a peaceful breakfast this morning. aside from me pestering clint about the apartments we are deciding on, this morning was the best yet. no spoon throwing, just lots of eggs and cheerios for jing liu and blueberry pancakes for the boys. pancakes seem to solve problems of all kinds.

i decided to give the grocery store another go (since we never made it yesterday).
and we survived. in fact, it wasn't nearly as bad as i was anticipating. 8am at wegmans is perhaps the most peaceful time on earth. we were one of 5 people in the store, so we could mosey and take our time. the boys convinced me that a car-cart would induce good behavior, and little lady rode front and center in the mai tai. although, these little yummies saved the day in a pivotal moment for all 4 of us. and we discovered that jing liu LOVES them!!

oh and these helped on the ride home :) as a small amount of screaming ensued.

 and then this happened. oh goodness. her laugh is suddenly out loud! until now, it's been more of a silent laugh, but i caught the last few moments of her belly giggles on tape. eek, she's precious!! and so is mr. rowie who comes in at the end :)


oh, and avert your eyes from the chaos that is my mom's dining room, er uh, playroom :)


  1. props for surviving the grocery store!

  2. I LOVE it!! What a gorgeous laugh that girl has! And I agree with Jerusha -- props for even venturing out to the grocery store!! To have actually left with food is just a bonus. :-)



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