and we shall be known as the midnight movers

that's what they'll call us.

they being the neighbors in vicinity surrounding our twin-house apartment.
the ones who peered out from their late night bedrooms as we shhh'd and giggled and schlepped a trailor, an suv and a minivan load of our belongings last night.
but not when normal people move...you know, during the daylight hours...no not us. no fancy moving trucks or well packed items in these parts.
it's called "are you going to the gun show?? what gun show? THIS gun show" - meet arm one and arm two. although arm left is much stronger...thanks to carrying a child for a solid month, i can single handidly wield a washer whilst holding the door open and dragging a swiffer sweeper. oh wait, no, that was clint :). and as we were hoisting a very large bureau across the grass, a nice man with a cigarette and a 40 offered his assistance. we politely turned down his half drunken offer of muscle man power. although at that point a swig of his sustenance wouldn't have hurt :) there is something fun about working so hard that your arms want to literally fall off. who needs his help anyway?? my ever strong mr. clint literally carried our bedroom dresser up the stairs single handily while i pretended to lift from the top. he's quite amazing.
then at 12:30am we made a stop at walmart (what all great midnight movers do) to buy zippered mattress covers for our beds (oh the stink bug atrocity...i'm totally paranoid they live in our mattresses...probably because they do :( .  insert skeeved out squirm here).
and we held hands. how long has it been since we held hands? too long. he fits well with mine. and we laughed at the squeakiest cart that i chose. that we couldn't find window curtains no matter how hard we tried.

so while you are sipping a nice glass of wine and enjoying a relaxing moment tonight, we will be putting the kids to bed, and then reliving last night.

it's a pain.

but somehow, i love it.
i love his determination.
i love his ever-positive attitude.
i love him.
and i'll do whatever it takes to have a few moments just him and i. no kids. just us.
even moving an entire household at midnight.

oh and as i was taking these pictures, i turned around to find he was standing there holding a mattress on his shoulder.
"seriously, ang? the camera?"


  1. Ha! You make me laugh. My husb would say that too--"serious, the camera?" Only he might not be smiling. :o)

  2. I can totally picture it!

    Before we moved in, Paul and I would work till all hours of the night getting the house ready for the kids...it was so much fun.

    Can't wait to see pics of your new place!

  3. i love this! the hubs and i tried to move ourselves back in the day when we used to move within the same state. sadly the last 7 [8?] moves we have done were intercountry so we dont even pack our own stuff anymore T-T [i am so paranoid abt ppl going through my stuff]



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