canvas ladies

i've been seeing these canvases popping up all over the place. and although i think they are lovely, i wasn’t convinced i wanted to spend the money on one. (see previous coupon insanity involving picture people circa 2008). my innate “get a good deal” savvyness perked up when i got an email giving me the opportunity to test drive a picture to canvas of my own. let me think about it YESOFCOUSE i will. where do i sign?  i've since become a believer.
at the time of the test drive email, we were 2 weeks away from meeting emery and my brain was in ultra spin mode.  so i waited. and when we got home, i had grand plans of using some of the professional shots we have of our family. but as i started looking through photos, i remembered how many i have from china and i want to have them as mementos throughout our home. i came across this one…the last photo i have of her and i together in china…and i knew it was perfect.

the great thing about this canvas is somehow it made my so-so photo composition look even better! i‘m in love with this photo because of what it means to me…i‘d love for her to be looking at the camera, or smiling, or for the exposure and white balance to be better…but it captures exactly who we were at that moment. i look at it and remember how that day felt. it felt beautiful.

i still don’t have the right spot to hang it. we are somewhere in between moved-in and still-needing-to-paint, so the kids rooms are still in limbo. emery's room is going to be a light grey (my new favorite wall color). hopefully after my craft show prep mayhem is over, i’ll have time to paint. well maybe after the craft show and after palate surgery. ok, after craft, palate, lip. then i’ll have time. i’ll be able to run circles around bystanders with all of my free time. then i’ll paint and perfect and actually do pinterest ideas.

until then, this gem is hanging out on a stray nail from the previous tenants (thank you whoever you are) and looking quite adorable.

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