doing a bit better this morning. she finally slept for a full hour. docs are stopping morphine so we can try to get her to drink. unsure if we will go home today or spend another night. heart rate is finally normal when she is resting. she is so sweet and is content when I am with her...the nurses all stay out of her eye line because she cries if she sees anyone but me :) I'm so grateful that she feels comfort when I am with her. i can literally feel her getting stronger. she was awake and calm for a 1/2 hour this morning. even smiled a bit. oh she's just so amazing! what a fighter!


  1. Oh ang! so grateful to see this this morning. i checked late last night and again at 2:30am and just kept praying and praying. we all couldn't sleep very well until we got a better report. I can't even imagine what this must be like for her, and I can't imagine what it must be like for you, her mommy, to watch her in this pain and discomfort. Please know we are praying and believing God to heal her quickly and to glorify Himself through this journey. And, we are HERE! If you need anything, absolutely ANYTHING, please call or text ANTIME. Love you dear friend!!

  2. Prayers still coming strong from MN. Just got caught up on your evening. Hang in there Mama.. you're such a blessing to her. God is there. I just know it. Praying for peace...

  3. bless her sweet heart! prayers for her...makes ur heart melt knowing you are the one to bring her comfort huh!!



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