donning our very worn and now “old clothes bin” pj’s, we took advantage of the first day without rain in recent memory. we had a morning that resulted in lots of water and mud. the kind of morning that warrants a slight amount of awe and wonder as to how on earth i will manage to get them all cleaned up enough to get upstairs and in the shower. it’s the best kind of morning.

little girl had her first experience with sand and a bucket of water. after 2 hours, she was still playing happily. apparently, it’s her new favorite thing…much to the delight of her brothers.

after they got bored of the buckets and my project of “washing” all of the outside toys, the decided to do what boys do best:

the house has resumed peace again.
my attitude feels joy in the midst.
there's still wildness and laughing and chasing and the "he hit me" or "he's looking at me" incidents...
but within those, there is still peace.
it feels wonderful.

oh and i got my internet fix, finally. thanks to clint and his work computer with internet port. eesh. i was beginning to get the shakes :)


  1. Love it! Maybe I need a boy?!

    Could you email me please if you have a chance?
    teraknepp at yahoo
    I have a question about a referral. :)

  2. What delicious muddy fun the kids must have had. Particularly like your last shot. Hope the unpacking & transition into your new place is going relatively smoothly - although it sounded like you did the majority of it during the first night!

  3. That looks like such a glorious morning! Glad to hear you are feeling peace in the house, isn't it priceless when it washes over you?


  4. Hey! Looks like they had a lot of fun! I did get your message and yes...when things settle down, I would love to get together. Keep in touch!



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