finally got some clothes on this chick!

on our way out of intensive care!! moving em to a regular room...she's doing well! still in pain and won't eat, but wow...what a rockstar! we finally got her out of her skivvies! :)  and even got to walk the halls for a few minuets...she was so happy and just layer on my shoulder...a good distraction.
my baby girl may be in a lot of pain, but there is home on the horizon... maybe today, maybe tomorrow... many others on this floor have a much longer road. as I walked, my heart rejoicing that my girl was calm for a few moments, but I ached for the moms in the rooms we passed by. they, too, long for calm and healing. 

more updates soon.


  1. Bless her heart! So glad Emery is moving out of ICU and finds so much comfort in your arms. You must be exhausted but know that you are doing a wonderful thing for her. I think of all the orphans that have this done with no parent by their side. I'm so glad they waited so that her surgery could be done at home. Wish I lived nearby; I would bring you a chicken casserole. Instead I am sending warm wishes and lots of prayers!

  2. reading this makes me feel so thankful to the Lord that Emery has your family to call her own. I also feel relieved that my daughter is waiting to get her surgery at home, I could NOT imagine my little girl going through such pain w/o me. But, I suppose the palate is harder than the lip? Our doc has opted to do Tahlia's palate first too. I am so anxious and scared, but seeing your journey has helped bring me to a peace. So glad to hear she is out of ICU and in your arms, what a little trooper she is!!!! Praising God for answered prayers! God Bless u!

  3. I am so sorry I didn't put her surgery on my calendar. I've been so busy and have not been reading my regular haunts. I came on tonight though and got all caught up. So glad to hear she is improving. What a strong girl she and her mommy are. Praying you continue to feel His presence in a tangible way.



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