is anyone else cold? {sunday climate}

it's september. i usually love september. but i'm laying under a blanket, fully dressed in my daytime clothes, because its south of 50 degrees and much too chilly to even think of re-donning attire. oh and I'm lazy. perhaps that is the truer fact.

i awoke this morning, still dressed from yesterday, making it easier than ever to pop out of bed and start the morning routine including breakfast and pillow hopping on couches and bananas thrown all over the floor I just scrubbed. oh and me leaving my coffee on the floor (where I was sitting with emery when a certain little boy fell off of a couch doing a certain pillow jump and needed assistance). it was after i got distracted after the pillow injury, and after i headed into the kitchen to warm up my coffee, that I realized I had no idea where my coffee was. oh but emery knew. boy did she ever. floor meet coffee. coffee meet floor. i'm sure you two will be very happy together. or at least matchmaker emery seems to think so as she dips and splatters, dips and splatters with her very effective hand dip maneuver.

and my son foster says to me, as he rips off his flanel spider man pj shirt, while throwing a ball that nearly takes out a local lampshade, "mom it's so hot in here, my underpits are sweating!!"
underpits. perhaps my new favorite saying.

i'm shivering and his underpits are sweating. clearly we live in different climate zones. isn't that so true of life sometimes? different climate zones, same continent. one big happy family.

one big happy Sunday morning family. evening church = leisurely morning. kids squealing giggles while daddy does his sleeping spider impression with boys sneaking up for ambush. they never make it. 'sleeping' spider always attacks. they always attempt ambush. it repeats and never gets old. clint makes the best coffee. it tastes better than when i make it. he refills my cup when i'm not looking. somehow Sunday mornings never feel rushed the way midweek does. the way Friday seems to fly by. Sunday feels slow. gloriously slow. delightful and perfect. it makes me wish for a world of Sunday. even if i'm shivering and foster has sweaty underpits. Sunday puts us all on the same continent and we're stuck there. and we love it.


  1. Underpits! Love it! I adore how kids coin their own sayings. :) Our littlest man at home said he wanted to chicken-nuts yesterday. Huh? What? Yeah, he wanted chicken nuggets! Oiy. ;) He also calls polka-dots, polka-nuts...hmmm...:) Have a great day snugglin'! :)

  2. That's it, our church needs to have evening service! Sounds so heavenly, except for the underpit sweating and spilled coffee and all. :)



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