mr. helpful {chore charts}

i've been procrastinating to make these for a while now. i've been eye balling a bunch of these on etsy and pinterest, and in a crazed moment last week, i nearly bought 3 of them with a zillion magnets. then something happened. perhaps it was the looming boxes threatening to crush me at any moment, but i finally buckled down and found a way to use what i have and make them myself. although, i'm no longer calling these "chore charts". since it won't be long before my gung-ho chore happy boys become disgruntled at the thought of chores, i decided these would be know as the "mr. helpful chart" to promote being a part of a team and helping out our family. we work hard together because we're in this together, not just to get a reward or allowance. i want little boys who naturally grow up to be helpful. and in a short while, those little boys will be big boys...and hopefully the training we are doing now will reap benefits later.
(i'm planning on instituting "tv/computer" time rewards, or something like that, but i can't decide how to do it. ideas??).

and i threw in a morning routine. i have a feeling they will grow out of this one pretty fast, but it's cute :) i couldn't help it! oh and a school itinerary for our day. foster will L O V E it!!

since i don't have fancy photoshop, i made these in Word using lots of google images and printed on vellum (my favorite paper product. i use it whenever possible). then i put cardstock i found laying around behind and laminated them so they work as white boards as well. the "mr helpfuls" have magnets on the back so they can go on the fridge.

total cost for all 6 = $34 (laminating was the most expensive part) + magnets and clear circles which i somehow had on had.


  1. Those rock! I need to do something like that too....:)

  2. You are a total inspiration. How, on this earth!, did you manage to do these, raise three kids and move!!!! I barely managed only of these items items this week, and I only have 2/3 of the amount of children you do (for the time being...). You're a total rockstar!! One that I will copy shamelessly...

  3. SO stinkin' cute!!! And way beyond me...but I will admire you from afar. :)

  4. cute and great idea! i saw an idea on pinterest to issue cards for hours of fun time [tv, game, etc] so once they use it up for the week, its all done. u could give them extras for chores done?

  5. Oh I love the magnets that you can move from "to do" to "done"!!!



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