my warrior

we are in the picu (pediatric intensive care unit) right now. sweet girl has done so well!!! palate repair was perfect and the doc was very pleased. she's hardly swollen and looks so good for having major cranial facial surgery!! the nurses have been so amazed by her resilience! 

 when I first saw her in recovery, she was just waking up... she was thrashing a bunch so I picked her up and she was so upset about the iv taped to her foot that she ripped it out... instantly blood shot all over me, the nurses, the walls, everywhere. new iv. giant boot over iv. really really mad emery. she went in and out of sleep... waking up very upset and then calming down. but her heart rate was really high and skyrocketed when she was upset. her oxygen was very low as well. our wonderful nurse wouldn't rest until she made sure emery was ok. after 4 hours of the crying and sleeping and high heart rate, exrays and blood draws and more tubes and wires than I've ever seen, they decided she wasn't stable enough to be admitted to a regular hospital room and put her in the picu to have close observation through the night.
 I haven't put her down yet. at the moment she is resting after a dose of morphine...but every few minuets she wakes up so sad and upset. it's so hard to watch but I'm thankful for each moment under our belt...each moment closer to being healed. closer to smiles and popping avocado slices like candy. I won't be sleeping tonight, but I will be holding and snuggling the most beautiful girl I know. I count it my greatest honor to be able to comfort her through something so traumatic. praise God for his protection over our sweet girl. we truly feel covered in prayer today! 


  1. God is good, I am so happy the surgery was a success. I was praying and thinking about her all day. More prayers that she continues to heal. xox

  2. Glad the surgery went so well. Will continue to pray for your baby girl (and also that there's a starbucks nearby... you may need it in the morning).



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