new digs

at long last, the move is over. it's been a brutal few days and at certain moments i wasn't quite sure i was going to survive, or at least not with my sanity intact. after clint and i moved all of our furniture, kitchen and random items out of storage during our midnight madness, we thought we were in the clear. not so. apparently living in limbo for over a year gave way to so much volume that it took 4 cars and a truck to get our clothes, toys, and everyday living items to the new digs. oh and 4 extra ppl (our last minuet saviors who know us too well, and graciously arrived to help). somehow the little things i kept thinking i would pack at the last minuet, morphed into a monstrous load of great proportion. i've since vowed to get rid of half of our stuff. already gave 7 boxes to the goodwill. at least 7 more to come this week. oh stuff. i wish we didn't need any.

we slept at the new place last night...or should i say clint and the kids slept. i went into crazy- compulsion-refusal-to-sleep mode. no matter how exhausted i felt, there was no way i was going to wake up to a house filled to the brim with boxes and chaos and disaster. filthy floors with babies crawling on them are one my top 5 pet peeves (right up there with the use of the word "moist" eww) and there's no way jing liu was setting foot on these floors. so i organized and unpacked and scurried until the wee hours of the morning. i fought of every inclination of sleep and nearly had the downstairs totally livable. even washed all of our scummy-sat-in-storage-for-1-year dishes and steam cleaned the floors (jaclyn, i thought of you dear friend & your love of floor cleaning...wish i had a steam cleaner years ago! makes all things feel fresh and new). around 4am, i was making my 100th trip to the 3rd floor with an armful of boxes and the power went off. for no apparent reason. the neighbors all had power, but we were in total darkness. at that exact moment i was in the basement with an armload of junk. FYI: new house + no lights is the perfect storm for toe stubbing and loud tripping over invisible items.
i think the power loss was God's grace on my sleep deprived soul. or perhaps if it takes a power outage to make me stop obsessing and go to bed, then maybe there are some other issues that need to be dealt with :)
regardless, i got a few hours of sleep, and when i awoke, the power was back on as if it had never been off. hmm. maybe my brain had a power outage and i created the blackout in my subconscious :)

the kids are crazy busy enjoying the many toys and fun things that have been in storage. you'd think we held a toy store hostage and made it puke all over the 3rd floor playroom from the looks of the sheer volume. they don't know it yet, but the toy room is on my Goodwill list as well.

how is it that i find zillions of great and clever ideas when i don't need them? i'm having visionary block looking around this place. blank canvases are a hard place to start...especially with a zilchy budget. since we don't have the internet yet, my pinterest obsession has been relinquished to scrappy moments throughout the day on my phone. eesh, i need to get some fresh ideas fast.

we are t-minus 3 weeks from emery's surgery, with lots of dr visits, PT, pre-op and early intervention sessions between now and then. the kicker is clint and i decided to go all craft show gung-ho and registered to be vendors at several craft shows this fall...the first is the weekend after emery's surgery, which we didn't know when we signed up. soo, next week starts craft show prep around these parts...maybe it will end up being worth our time...rephrase: please oh please be worth our time.

goodnight from unpacked and partially put away land.


  1. I love that you use the word "digs" I say that and people look at me like I'm crazy, like they have no idea what I mean. The same thing happens when I use the word "dive". Anyway when you find time you should take some "before" snapshots of your non-decorated house, the blank canvas as you call it and then after it's done...or after every little project take some "after" shots. It might help people like me and my husband who have been living, for over a year, in an apartment with like one thing hanging on the wall.

    P.S. I'm Kasey and I read your blog all the time. You probably don't know me, but we have a bunch of mutual friends. And I think you know my brother too, Isaac? Anyway good luck getting settled.

  2. Oh dear, dear friend. You are in that crazy idea-less exhaustion-induced comatose stage. I can't remotely imagine why :)
    I might be able to help. You know, I could bring over the crazy organizational queen part of myself and help you get some more things in place?? Maybe Wed or Thurs evening and I could stay late? I'll bring organizing items (consider it a housewarming gift)! Let me know. I'm here. Ask for help and accept it when offered- I learned that about 20 months ago. FYI- Sam is 20 months old :)

  3. Hey! We moved this weekend too! We had bought a new house in July but it needs to be renovated. We were trying to sell the home we were living in but were unable to and just when we weren't looking, God provided a renter. Problem was we didn't have a single box packed! So..in one week (and only 4 weeks away from delivering our second baby) we packed the entire house and moved in with my parents. Crazy....but it will be worth it. Now...if I can just manage to relax and keep this little girl in a little longer. So glad to hear things are going well for you!

  4. You, my dear, are a super star! I'm with you though, dirty floors and babies do.not.mix. Gives me the yucks just thinkin' about it! And "moist", totally cracked me up! So glad you're in your new place! Praying for your little angel and her surgery! She'll do great!

  5. Give me your craft show schedule. I'm an Angie Weldon junkie.

    And, perhaps God did just cut the power on YOU for a reason. He does things like that. :)

    Hope you are done scurrying for the day and are heading up to bed for the night today at least...



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