the plight of the ugly pants {with a side of internet comatose}

i'm on week 3 with no internet. i'm not sure i will survive another day. if you find a nearly comatose lady curled up in a pathetic ball of twitching nonsense, just pass on by.  i've been shocked to learn how much i miss it...and therefore find it necessary to feel the void so i can overcome it. on the other hand, can i really live without it? who can in this day and age?  important stuff like online banking and googling things and ordering photo prints, and, well, blogging. they all go by the wayside. phone internet just isn't the same. my blogging brain is all clogged. when i fail to blog, i fail to remember anything. if it doesn't make the blog, my brain has no memory. as if i've been zapped by the men in black. is it this phase of life? have i lost brain cells in the past few years? i digress.  what was I talking about? i forget. :)

em (as her brothers call her) has palate surgery on monday. we will be in the hospital at least 2 days. i'm more and more nervous each day. when i look at her, i want to cry knowing what is coming, and the pain she will experience.

she's been so much more and more relaxed as each day passes. she scootches around and plays so happily. her number one goal is to catch up with her brothers and try to swipe any nearby toys. she's pretty darn effective at the toy swiping. the climbing. the standing and reaching. in fact i turned around earlier today and found her sitting on a box. on the TOP of the box. she climbed her way up there somehow. i pulled her down, and in an instant she was back up. she's crafty, this one.

i'm praying and praying for the next few days and weeks. praying God will use me to comfort her when she is in pain. please join me in praying for this sweet little gal on monday. her surgery will start around noon or so. please pray for fast healing,  and for her sweet little spirit...that we won't backslide in our bonding...that no complications will arise.

we are also rather stupidly making craft show items for next weeks' show. everyday we ask each other if we should cancel. at this point, i've spent so many hours, i just can't cancel. i'm one all nighter away from being totally done...that way i can spend all next week with emery instead of worrying about finishing crafty things. i've even been able to sew in small increments throughout the day when the kids are playing....something i used to do all the time before emery...and its been a pleasant surprise to see i can have 20 min here and there to stitch a few things.

the boys love to help me sew. wait, let me rephrase...they love to "drive" the sewing machine. i always wonder how long it will take for me to get my finger sewn to a piece of fabric because they get a little trigger happy.

from time to time, they like to think of things to make and then see what we can come up with. today it was scrap fabric pants. after we made makeshift (horribly ugly) pants, one little boy decided he really didn't care that much about them afterall, and another little boy decide he didn't want to ever take the ugly pants off. he is still wearing them at this moment. they are hilariously horrible.

it poured rain today. cool, refreshing, make-all-my-wipe-off-markers-smear, rain. we spent a lot of time gazing outside. wishing it was sunny. going so stir crazy that i almost wanted to run far far away...and after i decided it's better to stay stateside, i threw those wild boys in a long shower with lots of cars and trucks to wash...they laughed for 45 min. it was the perfect rain cure. now if only i can find time to take a shower of my own. :)


  1. I love the last picture on this entry. The kids just fit so perfectly together there at the door. So sweet :) I know what you mean about phone internet. My kids dropped my laptop about a month ago and we went a bit without one. i would read your blogs thru a tiny little phone screen and it was soo hard to make out the teeny little pictures! We will praying for little Emory and your family!

  2. will be praying for that sweet sweet baby girl on monday and for her momma!! love.

  3. I'm hesitating to type and send this as i fear it's going to sound too preachy - apologies, but i'm thinking somewhere in the next 24-48 hours you're really going to have to find some time to rest and rejuvinate. Now, I have 2 kids so when I say 'rest' I'm aware of the need of adjustment in the definition, but i'm just thinking you've gone through SO much in the last few months and your upcoming week is going to be SO huge and require so much of you as a mum - it's just that perhaps you're going to need to fill your cup up. You & your family will be in my thoughts from across the seas.

  4. Praying for your sweet girl!!! :)

  5. I'll be lifting you all in prayer on Monday and the days to come. {{hugs}}

  6. I love seeing Emery with her brothers at the door. She has come so far! She looks so healthy with her cute cheeks and mop of hair. I will be praying for sweet Emery and for her mama on Monday. I think it is good they are getting the hardest surgery done firsat. I know what a great comfort you will be to her as she heals. Bless you both!

  7. praying for you and your little one tonight & tomorrow...



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