the surgery lowdown

- we arrive at chop at 11:30am tomorrow, surgery to start around 12:30/1pm
- emery and i will stay at chop for 1-3 nights depending on her pain level and ability to drink a bottle. it will take 3-4 weeks for her mouth to heal.
- this surgical procedure is intense, and quite possibly the worst she will experience, as it involves closing the roof (palate) of her mouth. without this palate repair, she would never be able to speak properly. her lip will be repaired approx 6 weeks from now.
- she cannot eat at all tomorrow before surgery and can only have pedialite before 9am. please pray we can survive until surgery without her totally melting down. she becomes frantic and quickly irate when she is overly hungry. i'm sure it has a lot to do with her previous malnutrition.

please join me in praying for...
- a well rested and focused surgical team that will make excellent choices as they are working on such a delicate area.
- no complications from the surgery
- the blessing of kind and compassionate after-care nurses
- powerful pain meds (maybe a few for me too :)
- strength for our little warrior girl as she endures a level of pain most of us will never experience in our lifetime
- emery to allow me to hold and comfort her and share in her pain
- her to feel a supernatural presence
- foster and rowan as they are very worried about their sister
- fast healing. lightening fast :)

we rejoice knowing we are not alone...what would we ever do without such a powerful community of friends and family!

love, ang


  1. i am praying. God's comfort, healing, and grace be yours (and emery's) in abundance!

  2. We are here and are praying for Emery and the Dr's for tomorrow! And we won't forget to pray for you Angie as you try to keep her comfortable!

    I know a 1 pm surgery is horrible for an adult (my husband actually had one recently and he was so hungry he almost bit my head off). So, for a baby (who eats more often then big hubby), I can imagine it will be tough.

    You are all in my prayers!!

  3. Lifting you up in prayer knowing the lord will provide everything you need! He really is a god who sees us and our every need- praying that you see and feel his provision tomorrow! Xoxo

  4. I'm praying for you right now. Taking your list point by point and asking our Lord and Saviour to be merciful. That Emery would be spared the enormity of whatever is to come. For you.. that you'll be able to help Emery through this and God would give you overwhelming strength, patience and peace. You're an amazing woman, at an amazing time... God's been waiting for this and is ready for you! Much love, Cami

  5. Praying hard for you and sweet Jing Liu. He will take care of every need! Love you!



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