what a difference home makes!!!

we got home from the hospital around 1 pm yesterday. I opened the door and miss emery had the biggest smile on her face! they kids were all so happy to see each other! you'd think we had been gone for a month! they were, and still are, so filled with compassion for their sisters mouth and the pain she might be in. they follow her around and dote on her every move. it's adorable.
although we've still had some thrashing, emery slept surprisingly well last night. she was up for pain meds and it took us a bit to get her back to sleep but that was the only time she woke up! incredible!!
she gets frustrated about eating and not being able to feed herself, but otherwise you'd never know she just had major surgery!! really and truly her recovery after day 4 is so much better than I ever thought possible.
I'm hopeful that with each passing day it will get better!



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