"and just like my sister..."

i was in the kitchen making sandwiches.
my girlfriends and their kids were over, chaos and laughter and massive amounts of all kinds of toys were strewn about.
the recipe for a great morning with friends.

laurel says to me, "you've gotta hear what foster just said. i said to him, 'you look just like your uncle steve today!'"

and foster said "and just like my sister."

plain as day. second nature.
she's my sister. we look alike. duh.

i wish i had heard it with my own ears...it brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat to think about his beautiful heart and the amazing shift that our family has encountered.
adoption shifts a family.
my son looks at emery and sees his sister. in his mind she is so much his sister that they look alike.
we've talked about birth moms and adoption and he knows she has a birth mom and birth father. but his heart is linked with her and she isn't adopted anymore. she's his sister.

it's so simple, but it astounds me.
i would have never known his heart could grow and understand such huge things. i probably wouldn't have had the wisdom to spend the time talking about adoption and the beauty of the way God adopts each of us. God's love and plan for each of us involves adoption and siblings and birth parents and so much of what we are seeing in front of us.

i know i'm not saying anything profound. but in my heart, i just can't explain the magnitude of what i feel. it's simply beautiful.
amidst the harder parts of what the past few months have been...
the beautiful parts always shine through.


  1. I love this Angie. If only we could see life the way kids do- praising God for this beautiful picture played out in your family!

  2. My son said the other day he wished he shared DNA with Shu. Wow.

  3. What a sweet moment! I love the picture of Emery standing up and holding on to her brother's shirt. You always have her dressed in such cool outfits. She looks adorable and her hair is growing out in such a cute style.

  4. How sweet! And you know the Lord is an adoption advocate, because he adopted all of us into his family through his Son. What a great parallel. :)
    Love that picture!

  5. A.Dore!!!! My youngest has asked when he's going to be asian like his brother Hayden. Like, if he just eats enough veggies, he will be an asian man when he gets bigger. I love kids. I love their innocence and unbiased eyes. Their ability to be color blind. It's amazing and perfect. Just as God intended.

  6. Love it! I have a friend who said her 3 yr old bio daughter (who is white) drew a self portrait at preschool of herself, and colored her skin brown (her brother and sister are adopted from Ethiopia).

    What Cami said...God's intention for sure!

  7. This post just tickles me so much. LOVE your family -- your sweet, loving, wise, intuitive family!

  8. How do you not think you're saying anything profound? This IS beautiful moment and you are right to note it. How wonderful. Your family is amazing.



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