boy or girl science experiment gift {the tutorial}

i'm all about the homemade...esp during our marathon week of birthdays. this gift is one of my favorites because my kids love both of these items so much.

each gift basket includes...

Exploding Foam Volcano 
(instructions found here)
hydrogen peroxide, glass jar (or you can use a plastic bottle), yeast, bowl, dish soap, food coloring, gloves

tags made with these...
the finished product:
we have made this foam volcano (thanks for introducing it to us laurel!!) at least 5 times...one of which involved a crowd of neighborhood kids who also thought it was super cool.

Make Your Own Ocean:
mason jar (spray paint lid and add monogram), glitter, googlie eyes, food coloring, sea creatures, or anything you want to add (like oil, soap, paper clips, rocks, wood blocks, etc)

tag made from these...

the finished product...

i don't really know why my kids love the ocean so much. it's so simple. i think it's the sea creatures...we take them out and fill the jar up again over and over. plus, putting funny or odd things inside makes them even more fun.

the best part? use what you've got :)

i used the pop-out dots from the paint swatches with double sided tape to identify each item

 recycled jars and hotel shampoo bottles

we added a balloon to each gift...and my helper was very happy to "help" with the glitter and googlie eyes :)



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