family portrait {the chase lounge}

i've been seeing furniture in the woods recently, and i have dreamed of someone willing to give it a whirl.
the timing of my dear friend wanting fall family photos and me wanting to carry her large chase lounge into the shrubs turned out splendidly.

i will admit i am still working out my family portrait skills. i usually know what i want in my mind, but reality sometimes takes over. we had at least 6 more poses to try but the kids (and mr. alan) were over it...actually, these two ladies could have kept striking poses for the rest of the day...

 in the end, i was happy with what we got...and i hope laurel is too :)


  1. that last photo was precious....happy trails! HEE HEE

    i sooo need a family session with my family....but the older boys hair really bugs me....it's an on going battle ....but i guess i need something to document the 'hair'. that way when they look back they can be the ones to say 'what was i thinking'

  2. Very cool with the chaise lounge. A friend from our church in PA does some amazing photography and he did something very similar that I was just oohing and ahhing over! Check out this link: http://www.theryanestesblog.com/2011/09/24/malvern-family-portraits-miller-family/



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