garbage glory

the boys decided they both wanted to be trash trucks for trick or treat. last year was the first time we did trick or treat...and i love going handmade and making something the boys can help with...preferably using a cardboard box and spray paint :)

i tried hard to convince someone to be this...i think it looks adorable!

but two boys wanting nothing to do with my idea. actually, rowan was convinced he would fly away :)

so trash trucks it is.

we are shooting for this. one blue and one green.

and the boys plan to add real working headlights and a dumpster lifter for candy.
stage one:

and this is what we did to entertain ourselves while i was busy with an exacto knife.

see those angry eyes? we had a bit of that too.

i have a feeling i won't have time this week to make another move on the garbage project. might be spray-painting these babies late sunday night :)


  1. Love it! I want to see the final item!

  2. I cannot wait to see how they turn out! I'm certain they will be amazing. Gosh, I wish I had it in me to make our own costumes. I go to Costco and say... "okay, pick!" And at $14.99 each, I can't pass it up. Maybe next year, we will make our own. Thanks for the inspiration.



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