masking tape made today awesome.

good morning mr. sunshine.
surprise. the house is now the ultimate race course.
today is going to be awesome.

pjs and race cars go hand in hand

oh and little missy has been in ultra happy mode recently.
content, cheerful, snagging all kinds of things out of the cabinets when i turn my back...just like she's always been here...just the way it's supposed to be.

she rests her cheek against mine. she holds my hand for no reason. she blows kisses and taps my legs when she wants to be held. she smiles and giggles and chases me around the house. her brothers smother her with kisses and hugs, even when she pulls their hair and steals their toys. there is a lot of love floating around here.
3 feels splendid.
perfect? no.
but this week has felt splendid amidst the imperfect

and my jet set weekend? i'm so excited.

we will see what the weekend holds for mr. clint and his first full 2 days with all 3. he does so much with the boys...often fun and creative things i wouldn't dream of...but since we came home with emery, she's been attached to me like white on rice (haha), so with me out of the equation, there's a bit of a wildcard situation. i'm praying it will be a turning point and she will allow him to feed her and put her to bed since i won't be in sight. you know how kids always act differently when mom's not around? well mine are less whiny when i'm not there...it seems i bring it out in them :)


  1. Those roads are soo cool! I saw it on pinterest and impressed that it actually worked!

  2. Mine are also less whiny when I'm not around. Sigh.

  3. Ange, I'm glad you're a mom a few years ahead of me cuz I'm totally going to steal all your awesome ideas!! ;)
    HUGS! xo



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