rainy readers and playing hookie {recipe for a great day}

there is something about finding your kids curled up with a book.
it feels like a triumph of motherhood.
or maybe it's the joy of knowing they love learning.
or perhaps it's just that they are sitting quietly for several moments so my brain has time to compute a single complete thought :)
i joke. they really aren't that loud. but isn't it amazing how quiet "quiet" really feels when the little chatters and scampers and cars racing and paper airplane flying ceases?
it makes me want to go curl up and read with them...or start a pillow fight...or crank up the music and have a dance party...because the quiet is great...but we thrive in the noise.
the glorious laughing and scampering and chasing.
we had a morning like that
we played hookie from life...rain always temps me to stay indoors...and this morning when i suggested playing hookie, cheers erupted.

we will be forced to venture out this afternoon for emery's post-op visit with her plastic surgeon, but a relaxing morning makes a long afternoon of driving more manageable.

hoping for a good report and hoping to get her next surgery date on the schedule. i'm anxious for them to all be over. i so want the pain to be over for her. anxious for normal life to be the normal.

what is it about the recycling bin that is so fascinating?? it seems that my kids could play with recycled items at any given moment. they do make pretty fantastic fun when there is a hose involved.

little girl is getting spunkier by the day. she's into everything...most days i embrace it. she takes such joy in her new abilities to power scootch and pull up on anything and everything. she's even standing unassisted more and more and more. i've tried several times to catch her on camera, but OF COURSE my memory card is either filled, my iso is all wrong, or in my haste i totally forget how to use a camera and miss it. rrrg. in fact, on sunday she took 2 unassisted steps!!! oh we are so close to walking! what fun that will be! truly a triumph!


  1. We're having the same kind of day in Minnesota. I love the smell of the fresh rain and the dark skies to curl us up on the couch.

  2. Go Emory! That is so exciting! I found your blog through Nicole's (chrystfamily). We *just* came home 2 weeks ago with our sweet 18 month old, Lily, who also has cleft lip and palate. I may e-mail you - need ideas for fattening her up (she is much in the same condition as Emory when she joined our family - skinny, skinny!). Lord bless you guys. Beautiful family!



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