simple items and extrordinary imaginations

these are the moments i want to remember. the ones that happen when i'm usually wanting a few moments to just sit down and accomplish something. but being present with my kids is often accomplishing more than i realize.

i love these moments. i love to see what they create and talk about and explore.

i love muddy fingers and toys tossed about in mid play.

i love simple items and extraordinary imaginations.

these are the times that i love.


  1. I could NOT agree more!! Good for you, for taking the time to stop and enjoy the little gifts that God brings your way!! If we don't stop, we miss it, all the sweet moments just pass us by! And, I just adore how little Miss Emery has just melted so seamlessly right into your family, all being "one with the boys!" LOL! LOVE IT!!! ANd, look at her teeth!! Pretty pretty gal!!!

  2. Very, very sweet. Lovin' your new normal.



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