trash-to-treasure trucks

yesterday we spray painted...

and these little buddies got some fancy pin-striping as well...

today we got a little surprise (a mini blizzard) and the boys did this:

miss emery did this:

and while the troops were napping after lots of snow and hot chocolate, me and the glue gun did this (with the help of google images)...

(thank you $1 store flashlights)
might be the first ever cardboard box trash truck photo shoot.
way to work it boys.

i have a feeling my next task will be a candy trap door, of which i am still in the configuration stage...
and then some sort of shoulder straps. now wishing i made my kids wear suspenders...a pair or two of those would work wonders right about now :)


  1. You are so creative! I love it! Miss Em is just as cute as she can be! :)

  2. you are such an amazing mama!! seriously...the best. i hope i am as creative with my kids as you are one day...

  3. Wow, what a cool and creative mom you are!
    Emery is doing so well standing. I can't wait to see her with Brooklyn.

  4. yeah, i am seriously impressed. and so i'm going to repeat to myself: i have other strengths. i have other strengths. ;o)



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