when the blog is silent...

when the blog is silent, it often means real life is loud.
that's our week. loud.
loud with physical therapy and speech therapy and univ. of del sessions and school and attempted motivation. loud with clutter because i STILL haven't unpacked my bag from my amazing weekend, will always have laundry unfolded and absurd piles of clutter needing to be delt with. perhaps my un-motivation stems because i just can't quite say goodbye to such an incredible weekend.
great friends can sooth the soul, and that's what this past weekend felt like. my quick zip to NC was just what i needed. we laughed from start to finish and talked and told old stories and left no aspect untold. it was delightful. so delightful, in fact, that i couldn't pull myself away to take photos...unusual for me, since i love to come home with a camera full of memories. this time, my heart will have to do the capturing.
for two days, i felt young again and our friendships pickup up as if no time had been lost. i can't wait until we reunite again! OBX in 2013, ok girls??

i'm at one of those stages that needs motivation. we've been in our rental house for 2 months now. i should be rested enough to be motivated and finish the many unfinished projects. but i'm not. i keep collapsing at night beside the stack of stuff i should be working on. the paperwork and the painting. the horrible pillows that need recovered and the walls blank with a lack of photographs. oh you craft girls out there...bestow your motivation on me.
upon waking in the morning, i inevitably feel the pressure of my inactivity the night before, but it keeps repeating. we have so much fun planned in the weekend ahead (including FINALLY uniting emery and brooklyn!!!! i can't WAIT) that i've decided to wait until next week to feel guilty for all the stuff that is falling behind :)
it's a loud week...sometimes they turn out to be the best ones.

oh and one of my dear friends challenged me to 21 days with no complaining. about anything. at all.
if you catch yourself complaining, you start the 21 days over.
boy do i need that challenge!
have i already complained during the course of this post? eek. probably.
i'm realizing just how much i complain, and it's an ugly color on me.
so i'm taking on the challenge.
i have a feeling the effects will be miraculous :)


  1. love your challenge. maybe, i'll think about taking it on. maybe. sometimes I like to complain and THAT, my friend, is even uglier than the complaining itself. Ok, I definitely NEED to take the challenge. Will I? I will keep you posted. I'm pretty sure it would go on until infinity because I would keep slipping up. Anyhow...
    What is on Shelley's shirt in that one picture? It looks like a name tag, but you were at a wedding, so that would be super weird and awkward, so I am just dying to know what the heck that is!!!!????

  2. I met Mamie for coffee right before she headed over to the celebration. I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time together! :) There is just something so special about spending time with dear, old friends.

  3. Evidently celery stalk looks awesome in killer boots.



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