candy catch up

the first in a long line of unfinished blog posts...
oh for a day to sit and write...i would be the happiest camper alive.
although last night i started painting 3 rooms...all at the same time...that makes me a happy camper as well.

fresh paint.
is there anything better?
actually, fresh paint that is the wrong color could be the worst thing in the world.
i'm the queen of painting walls more than once...even more than thrice...
last night was no exception.
oh how i love waking up to a newly painted room.
this time, i'm trying on something new...
and for the first time, i love it.
i've been a pinning addict on pinterest...and i'm determined to actually finish some of my pins.

and our night of candy?
even more delicious than the candy were my rock star garbage boys.
i'm not even exaggerating when i say they were a huge hit.
i have no idea what i'll ever do that will come close to their awesomeness...
especially since they might just be the most inexpensive and easy costumes ever.


and sister?
our trial run fairy costume wasn't a huge success.

but candy?
candy she likes.
girlfriend housed her first reeces peanut butter cup...

 i'm thinking she might love chocolate as much as her mama :)

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh I'm dying at the pics of emery in the fairy princess dress. she looks like you are torturing her and it's the worst thing that could have happened to her wardrobe. so funny. those pics will give me a good laugh for a long time! and the garbage boys are simply awesome!



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