footloose and fancy free heels

it's been a long and wonderful few weeks.
blogging has been out the window.
crazy warm winter breezes have been in.
family and turkey and exhausted kids
the best kind of week.

last week ended with a black friday wedding and a much needed night out with my guy.
we danced the night away with great friends and showed our 30-somethingness when we all tore it up to Footloose...the 20-something's didn't know what hit them. :)
amazing how fun it is to have a few hours out together.
it feels strange and wonderful all at the same time.

and what's more? all three kids slept over at my parents house...a breakthrough for little lady to spend the night somewhere else. she's feeling more and more confident being apart from us and allowing someone else to feed and hold and love her. i'm so proud of her progress in this area. especially when i saw the look on her face when i came to pick the kids up on saturday morning. she literally squealed with delight and ran into my arms. a night out is great. wonderful in fact. but i can't help it. i still miss them.



  1. so fun! you look lovely. and wow...emery spending the night away? great progress!

  2. You look lovely as always! Glad you had an enjoyable night out. We all need them. :)



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