ode to le pop tarte {science tube boy}

i'm not very well thought-out. i live most of life with ideas floating, things in mid-progress, and winging it.
today was no exception. 
one of my favorite things about my kids? they don't mind makeshift. they don't mind if i don't have it all figured out. often, it adds to the adventure.

today's project was one of our favorites. not pretty, but a favorite for sure. i've seen versions on pinterest, but didn't have an exact plan of how we would actually make it happen.

i put littlest boy down for a much needed nap just as emery was waking from hers.
biggest boy has been itching for a new project for days...nay, weeks.

so i did what every good mom does when one child needs to be entertained so another child can have some undivided attention:
i introduced one of the least nutritionally advanced food items: le pop tarte

don't judge.
girlfriend literally fell in love with this delicacy. and she can afford some calories on those slender thighs...whereas i cannot :)

and have you ever seen anything cuter than this pop tart loving lady??

le pop tarte allowed us to makeshift-craft our water feature:

it might not look like something martha stuart would whip up, but this little diddy was a grand success in little boy science world. foster was like a mad professor, mixing and pouring and creating and infusing new colors and blending the final water product.


  1. oh my word...no wonder you need a whole day to yourself! maybe it's simpler than it looks, but i'm sure impressed. way to go, mama. :)

  2. I love his little tongue sticking out looking so concentrated! Looks like fun!

    And man I wish I could afford to eat pop tarts! I miss them!

  3. you're a really great mom, angie. for sure.



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