one thing's for sure: we're classy

yes, we know our way around fine wines and proper tea etiquette.

we're gold members of the classy club.

we've never peppered the backyard with paintballs

(for the record, clint called me a hillbilly at least 7 times. i admit, i look ridiculous holding a baby and firing paintballs. but have you ever shot a paintball gun? they are awesome!!!)

FINALLY! she likes hats!!!

we'd never dream of letting our daughter ooze into a human mud puddle


or run with wild abandon whilst flinging slime balls at each other.

our house is in a constant state of put together
in fact, we're so classy that i'm sure our neighbors gander at what prim and proper citizens we are.
yes, that's us. prim and proper.

would you care for a spot of tea?

it's been freshly "sampled"


  1. How could your kids not think you are Most Awesomely Awesome Mommy of the Universe?!?!!!

  2. Nicole Chryst told me about your blog. You look like such a fun mom. :) I love it........We are trying to adopt our sweet daughter from China right now. We are 37 days into our wait for RA. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings from Texas.

  3. The boys have a look of pure JOY shooting the paintball guns! You totally rock holding a baby and shooing a paintball gun. ;) As for the mud, you go girl! :)

  4. So cute! The only photo that might say "get 'er done!!" is the one with you and the gun holding the wee one :) haha. No, these are adorable- a family who certainly knows how to make the most of their weekends!

  5. I love reading your blog and I just have to say... it is a good thing she is wearing a bib! ha ha

  6. I always love reading your blog and am honestly inspired by how much fun you have with your kids. I am too concerned with cleaning and checking tasks off of my to-do list way to much of the time. You are a breath of fresh air that is really good for me. I thank you and I'm sure my kids thank you too :)

  7. You are seriously one of the best mothers around!!! What an inspiration!!! :)



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