today is tuesday. two day

every tuesday, i hang out with these two.

while this handsome dude is at school.

somehow it's strangely easy to have only two children.
why does one more feel like so many more?

i'm sure moms of 4 or 5 would beg to differ that 3 is breezy. i should keep that in mind more often when 3 feels chaotic.

tuesdays are silly. we do funny things like eating lunch on the couch and having tea parties while sister is sleeping.

we race on skate boards through the house, zoom our favorite cars under the table, write notes on our thankful tree...we don't clean up anything. nothing. nada. it's awesome.

ok, so tuesday's aren't that much different than the other days.

this little boy loves tuesdays.

he's the biggest brother on tuesdays. he looks taller. he says grown up things.

he's charming and quiet and loud.

tuesdays are special days.


  1. one-on-one time is so meaningful! as for three...you can't know what you don't know. to me now, three is a breeze (depending on which kid is missing), but i remember how crazy hard i thought ONE kid was. oh, silly me.

  2. That is precious. I'm sure he loves all that attention.

  3. going to 3 is the hardest! even when you thought 1 was hard....

  4. Such a cute post. I agree, when big sis isn't home, Brynna seems so much older and talks so big! I love to see all of the fun things you do with your kids.



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