warm and puffy

girl, you couldn't be any cuter
you might just be the cutest legwarmer wearing girl to donn a puffy jacket
the kind of jacket that makes it hard for you to move your slender little arms
the kind of legwarmers that make your delicious little thighs pudge out just a little bit
the kind of day that is bitter cold but you don't care because you love the adventure of going
oh girl.
you make me smile.
from here to waaaaaay over there.
across the store as we hunt for spray paint and Finn McMissile for brothers 1 and 2
as we get stuck in the checkout line and you sit all catty-wampus and check out the local walmart scene...
although i know you prefer target (just like your mama)
we frequent walmart these days.
it's closer.
a lot less fun
but closer.
and in your catty wampus state, you make me smile.
even in the long walmart line
the worst place to practice patience
you make my world smile
i love you girl.
i've loved you for years.
but i never knew just how amazing one little girl could be


  1. Ah! I thought you were alone at Target..running errands without kids! But we could have met your sweetie pie!! Oh well, like you said, it was freezing yesterday and Parkesburg Wal-Mart is always windy! Next time...some day we'll meet your precious addition to your family! I've loved reading your blogs over the past few months, but really, could you please stop making me cry every few days? :) Such a precious and amazing story. Loved that she got to meet her FU sister too!

  2. I meant Wal-Mart...not Target...oops!

  3. She is so darling in her purple puff with green accents. I love her seating position; it reminds me of how she sat in her crib at the hospital trying to get her hand on some forebidden thing. So glad she is adored by her forever family.

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