dodging helicopters

we bought these helicopters when we were in china with emery.
the first thing we said as we handed the vendor our 100 yuan ($16):  "it will be a miracle if these actually work!"

we opened the box this morning and found the instructions:

clint and i laughed. we warned the boys they might end up on a shelf, and not in the air.

after some finagling, much to everyone's surprise, they actually fly. in fact, they are crazy incredible.

for the past few hours...we've been doing this:

mixed with this...

 (any word on whether or not hair dye works on dolls? i'm scheming to make this little lady asian :)

 (i was stoked to find all of our toys at a consignment sale this fall. my goal is to never buy anything new again.)

ok, time to dodge helicopters and make dinner. so much more to say, but for another time.

** if you think of it, please pray for em...she woke up with a snotty nose yesterday and coughed all night. with her surgery in 2 days, little gal needs to be in tip-top shape. please join me in praying the cold will pass so her surgery won't be delayed.


  1. Hair die does not work, at least the time I tried to turn our babies Spanish although rit clothing dye works, I hope you had a merry Christmas!

  2. Lol not babies, barbies our babies are already Spanish:)

  3. I'll pray with you for Emery. Love the pics...the people strapped to the cars...your kids know how to play...a wonderful quality!

  4. How about permanent markers for hair dye color?

    You're children are beautiful!

    Consignment Christmas .... love it!!!

  5. I think I need to add "toys" or "presents" in between Consignment and Christmas....

  6. Paul brought home a few helicopters from China and they are really good! Although our favorite one is still in a drawer awaiting a new helicopter blade :(. They are great! Not sure about the hair dye...good luck!



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