emery's surgery day!! {box-o-love}

i'm so anxious and excited to see emery's new little lip!! tomorrow is a big day!!

we meet at CHOP at 8:45am for pre-op...hip-hip-hooray for an early surgery time!!
if you would like to get updates on emery's surgery, feel free to checkout our live instagram photo feed (username: angiedweldon). i'll be updating via instagram (and short updates on the blog when possible)

i wrote a few weeks back about my tigress. since then, i've seen the tigress appear less and less. it's refreshing to see emery come into her own and be able to communicate in less hilariously revengeful ways.
but tomorrow, i know i'll see the tigress again. i know it will be a hard day. i'm holding on to the Hope i have that God can provide rest for emery, even when she feels the pressure to revert back to old ways.

isaiah 40:29 says: "He energizes those who get tired, gives fresh strength to the weak." 
matthew 11:28 "are you tired? worn out?...come to me. get away with me and you'll recover your life. i'll show you how to take a real rest."

** please lift emery up in prayer. she is still congested and we meet with anesthesiology when we arrive to determine if they will approve surgery - we expect they will approve her because she doesn't have a fever or any other symptoms
** pray for dr. taylor, the nurses and anesthesiologist to be well rested and focused
** no complications and a QUICK hospital stay so we can recover at home
** and pray for emery's sweet little tender heart...pray she will allow us to comfort her and be present in her pain.

packed with our hospital bag, is a precious reminder.
we came home yesterday and found a box outside our door. when i opened it, i immediately started sobbing. when we were in the adoption process, i cried at the drop of a hat. everything made me think of china. of emery. if i only had a quarter for the number of times i sputtered tear duct showers at the sight of a mom with 2 boys and a girl. or a cute dress at target. or when anyone said anything remotely related to adoption...forget it. sobaholic.
and now, everything still makes me cry...as if this entire life changing event has softened my already sappy heart into mush.
i dripped teardrops as i read each sweet note and gingerly held each item. as if i was given a box of gold.  this dear friend has quickly become one of the people i will always remember and hold dear in my heart. i treasure the ways she has loved our family...and my sweet emery. this person {who will remain nameless because i know she didn't send lovelies for recognition} encouraged me so deeply...in a way that can only be seen as a gift from God. truly the most perfect of all timing.

i think i smiled for at least an hour. in fact, every time i look over at the little pile of goodies i smile.

(a surgery day craft for the boys :)
(fabric: quite possibly the perfect gift, in my opinion)

i say all this because often i get caught up in my own little world. yes, i see other people going through stuff...but hey, i've got my own stuff i'm going through. (insert selfish justification here). i might send a text or give a hug in person...but how often do i take time to really think about what would encourage a friend? what would be meaningful for a friend who's child is having surgery? lost a job? a loved one? is having a crappy week? moved into a new home? brought their baby home from across the world? or for no particular reason at all?
how often do i take time out of "my time" to be purposeful for someone else?

a little love goes a long way.

thank you dear friend for giving so much more to me than a box of goodies.
when i hang that banner on em's hospital crib tomorrow, i'm going to smile from ear to ear...and think of you :)


  1. how totally lovely! i will be praying with you. looking forward to good updates. love those verses you quoted. may the Father lavish you all with his love and tenderness in the coming days.

  2. What a sweet, thoughtful gift! Praying for little one tomorrow and the upcoming days.

  3. Praying for your sweet Emery and the rest of the family as you all prepare for her surgery. Looking forward to the updates. What a thoughtful gift I LOVE it.



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