fever-ville & the badge of boyhood

we're dashing in and out of fever-ville.
the random 3 day fever
it has only left one superior immune system unscathed (thanks to emery's germ ridden past, she has yet to have the slightest sniffle)
we do preemptive strikes of motrin or tylenol when foreheads feel the least bit heated.
rowan was the latest casualty.

we are also doing a fair amount of time at home these days.
{thanks to fever-ville}
it leads to couch diving and wild antics.
although the feverish individual is a sad spectator, they are sure to emerge fever free to create new and yet-to-be-explored couch maneuvers

when clint comes home after a long day on the job, the couch jumping antics amp up
his presence in the house causes a joyful uproar

he barely gets to set his briefcase down before he is bombarded with hugs and stories and side-swipe jetti swords

i'm sure he is exhausted. actually, i know he is exhausted.
but he never lets on.
my kids have a daddy who is present. silly. right there in the thick of things.

he wrestles and giggles and creates fun games and rolls his eyes when i warn against would-be disaster.
they learn how to tackle with wreckless abandon...
how to jump higher
run faster
throw farther

they learn how even daddys feel pain
and how to apologize
they learn how far is too far

by all means, wrestle until your glasses snap in two
you are earning the badge of boyhood.
thanks to your awesome dad.
he is present


  1. I love the photo with Emery on daddy's lap. Please tell me the bonding with daddy and Tahlia will get better. My heart is so sad for daddy :(...He loves her so much, but she won't let him close to her.
    I am sure it gets better...just hard to experience for him. But, he is patient. THankfully she knows her momma :)



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