my quest...

my quest for asian dolls has led me down a slippery slope this evening.
any activity involving a sharpe or a glue gun usually has me making a mess of some sort.
tonight proved that a little determination (and scissors as a back up plan) can create a style more suited to our family. (thanks to maria for the sharpe suggestion!)

from my time living in china a few years ago, i met many a beautiful chinese girl who longs for blonde hair. it is a sad truth that there are blonde-clad advertisements everywhere in china. it makes me sad to think young girls (of any culture) should be persuaded to look or act differently than who they are. it's deeper than hair color. like really deep...much more than i understand or have the ability to write. especially as one could argue i am doing the exact same thing tonight, just in the opposite direction. i'm not immune and have often felt inadequate when i compare myself to my very talented and beautiful friends. but that's a story for another day :)

i know one thing's for sure...we're going asian around here...and getting creative.

you see, if you are in the market, you will find there is a strange shortage of dolls of the asian persuasion.
i have found a few (which i adore) and now, tonight, i found one more.

when this little lady came to my salon tonight, we talked about a minor root touch up :) but then decided no guts no glory. i think she loves the finished product...

after i discovered sharpe marker dye is also akin to a mohawk styling product, this gal got a shampoo, wash and dry as well.

the transformation is quite lovely.

she joins a family of 3.

"flora" found here (my all time favorite)
"cailin" found here (thanks mom!! she's lapped the house in the stroller at least 47 times today :)
this is the only site i've found dedicated to reasonably priced diverse dolls


  1. wow! It turned out great! We may need to do that in our house too! My mom did get Brielle an asian rag doll for Christmas and I love her! And reasonably priced too. She ordered it from personalcreations (They come in holiday themed dresses or regular dresses.We got the one with the reg dress.)

  2. We had such a time trying to find someone in China who would even MAKE a doll. No one seemed to know what a doll was! Bravo to you on figuring out how to make one yourself.

  3. Very awesome! I love how you are touching on such an important message for your daughter. I watched an Oprah about this and Lisa Ling went to ... Japan I believe, and interviewed girls who all said they wanted Blonde Barbies because that western look is prettier. It was so sad! Here were these beautiful Asian girls longing to look like the packaged version of stereotypical California. It certainly raises a lot of questions with no easy answers. I consider myself 500% not racist and sometimes wonder about the weight of arguments regarding racial equality (because I find that my generation - at least my friends) find it to be such an abolished idea. But then again, issues like this still exist. Definitely worth the discussion. Anyway, the dolls are cute!

  4. Awesome!!!
    I know the big day is tomorrow. Will be praying for your sweet tigress and for you too! Keep us updated. I hope em is Feeling better from her cold too. Love, Chenning

  5. You sound like me. I found the cutest cabbage patch doll at Target that looks asian, and you know the are adoptable. :) We just got the Cailin doll from my brother for Mia for Christmas. LOL!!!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

  6. We are all about diverse dolls in this house. Emeline owns multiple african american dolls & hispanic, but we need to get our hands on a beautiful asian doll, too :)

  7. Love the makeover! I stumbled upon your blog through Ashley Ann Photography and have enjoyed reading your sweet family's story. I commented on this post only because I wanted to tell you about the dolls at IKEA. :) We picked one up for our daughter a couple of weeks ago. They have a cute set of clothes to purchase too but I plan to let my girl pick out some fabric for a day of crafty fun and clothes making!



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