our week of looney {side of marshmallows}

we're all types of looney this week. we've been hanging low, under the radar of crazed christmas traffic and cold temperatures.

the best part? we wear pj's. they do excellent powerslides.
oh and i'm lazy. pj's are easy :)

we have a fantastic christmas weekend planned. light on gifts, full on family and joy. quality time. a sleepover at my parents. our favorite tradition of repeating our exact meal from last year, down to the the sweet potato puffs and sausage egg and cheese casserole. it's a weekend to remember already and it hasn't happened yet.

but this week, leading up, it feels right to be home and still. ok, well, not still. we are anything but still. there are insane amounts of toys and crafting supplies and crumbs everywhere to be found.
the looneyness is brimming. and i've decided to embrace it.

case and point.
silly lady and her silly antics.
mrs. fix-it is in love with construction tools. hats. goggles. gotta love a girl who knows how to get the job done.

she had some seriously hilarious moves in these goggles...but of course, i couldn't get my camera configured in time and they were all so blurry. but i love this one...i love clint's laugh and that there's a random thomas pillow and foster smashing his brother with a couch pillow (but you can't see his brother because he's under the pillow) and sister is in a bright green shirt. sister looks good in green. ok, let's face it. i think she looks great in every color :)

and we've had days on end of marshmallows and toothpicks overtaking our world. building with these little gems is one of our favorite forgotten activities. although we are at an impass because the boys have been saving and building each day. i'm not sure when these creations will hit the trash can, but it won't be anytime soon. until then, our table is on marshmallow overload.

oh how i dream of a huge table. i mean GIANT. our place doesn't have a single closet. the storage space is ridiculously limited. we are constantly shuffling craft stuff so we can eat. shuffling eating stuff so we can craft. grrr.


 by the end of the day, several marshmallow buildings converged into a humongous fort. with spears. 1,000 toothpicks later (yes i said 1,000) somehow everything ends up with spears.

and i leave you with these. a small glimpse of why i love hanging low. pushing through the whining and the redundant stuff...so i can see the good stuff. the great stuff.

(this girl LOVES to dance! thanks to RIO, we've been doing the samba :)


  1. THanks for listening a couple of weeks ago! I have Em's surgery in mind and will be praying for her and all of you as the day approaches. Blessed Christmas to you, Ang! Love, Chenning

  2. You are such a fun mom! Those videos made me smile...precious! Merry Christmas Angie! xoxo.

  3. Brooklyn had a huge smile plastered to her face as she watched the videos. She loves Emery!!

  4. glad you have been enjoying laying low with family :) you have chosen the "better part" of the mary/martha ongoing saga of motherhood. Thank you for posting the marshmallow-toothpick idea too! My three year old son is going to LOVE that!



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