surgery day...wow I'm glad it's over!

emery is finally asleep after quite a long day. we have marveled at how well she is coping...our little warrior girl. though she's in pain and she's had some inconsolable moments, she's been able to rest quite a bit. we are praising God for His care of this amazing girl.

emery looks totally different, and yet the same. i can't even describe how surreal it is to see her beautiful new mouth and nose. it's lovely to finally catch a glimpse of her new digs...her lips are teeny tiny and delicate now but also plump like mini angelina jolie's :)
i've cried several times this afternoon at the thought of never seeing her lusciously glorious cleft smile again. nothing in my life has ever been more treasured. i'm sobbing as i write about it.

one things for sure, this lip and nose surgery is like eating a piece of candy compared to her palate repair. she has 4 layers of stitches inside her lips, dozens circling the inside of her nose, and tube stints sewn in her nose to help keep its shape. she's on a constant supply of morphine and oxy. she's in pain even through the meds, and yet she has found a way to rest. it was a much different experience last time. i have trouble even thinking about how painful it was for her...but this time around I'm seeing firsthand how much stronger she is because of it.
what an amazing girl :)


  1. Praying for your strong princess!!!

  2. so glad to hear a great end-of-day report. i love hearing your heart for your daughter. :)

  3. oh my goodness. CRYING!!!! I am so proud of your sweet Emery!!!! what a trooper!! I just have no words by how overwhelmed I am to have you and Nicole who are somewhat local walking this road before me. You both have been such an encouragement and support. We all need to get our gorgeous girls together!

  4. She will be fine, praying for her.



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