homecoming day {it's everyday}

i remember emery's homecoming like it was yesterday...

(toes on U.S. soil :)
most of all, i remember emery meeting her big brothers for the first time. i have never EVER before seen such pure joy and excitement on their faces. they literally smothered her with love and kisses and giggles. it was all of the things you dream of when a new sibling joins the family.
it was a glorious moment, forever captured by my dear friend, nicole. these photos are some of my favorites of all time.

fast forward to normal life. sister is wonderful. but she's a little sister. she grabs toys and has been known to scream/squeal/shriek when she doesn't get what she wants. she always ALWAYS wants to be side by side with her big brothers, mimicking and copying and playing just like them. she's quite the car aficionado these days.
both big brothers have shown so much love and maturity over the past few months. but it can be frustrating to have a toddler smashing the tower you just built or snagging one of the cars you just lined up for a race, or drawing all over your school binder with a sharpe...

i am ever in awe of foster. this big brother lives homecoming over and over each day. the bond i see between these two is one of my deepest treasures. foster doesn't get frustrated by his tower crushing, car stealing gal. he speaks sweetly and cares deeply for how she is feeling. he knows her so well, and often is the voice for what she needs. he is quick to laugh, quick to help, and quick to bring her into his land of play. what a beautiful sight to see.

i rarely find a moment to snap pictures of them together. partially because they move so fast that most of my photos end up blurry :) and partially because i'm making a concious effort to be more present. i've found it's more difficult that i realize to be fully engaged all day, every day.
i have a lot to learn from this big brother.
he is focused and present and delightfully wonderful. all the time.
he's my hero.

today, he got out all of her dolls and helped her take them on a picnic. he rocked them and fed them and put them all in bed. he sat emery on his lap and showed her how to tuck the babies in before they fell asleep.

somehow, he knows just what to do. he knows just what to say.
her smile says it all.


  1. Precious! What a sweet boy you have!

  2. What a treasure! I'm constantly amazed by my two older kids' sensitivity, tolerance, and compassion for Shu, even when he's being downright unpleasant. Now kiddo #3 is a different story (she of the bashing his head with a train), but even she and Shu have their sweet moments. :)

  3. this is just so special. brings a tear to my eye!!!!!

  4. Such a sweet and special post. Love the pictures!!

  5. how did I miss this post!!! Just seeing it now!! Oh, don't you just ADORE the sibling love, its the most wonderful thing in the world. I love how Emery's eyes light up around her brothers....they were all made for eachother!!! AND WOW HAS SHE CHANGED!!! Look at how much she has grown and her face has so much light and life in it!!! Makes me ponder and wonder of all the changes Tahlia will go through....makes me feel happy and sad. I want her to stay little always! But, excited to see her blossom ever more each day! Emery has become such a beautiful little flower, with the most beautiful rose-bud lips! Hope to get to squish your family some day soon! ((HUGS)) ps. Totally relate to the blurry photo- action with siblings! SO FUNNY!

  6. sooo precious. It all seems so meant to be. I love that on the day she was born, somewhere afar were all of you- ready and waiting to love her. I just love adoption, I love the story of love finding its counterpoint.



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